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Introducing…Tomato Glow A Holland Avenue Soap Collab

Paula DiGioia Tomat Glow Soap

“Hey, I have an idea, let’s make a tomato-scented soap!” Over the winter, Mike Benigno of Holland Avenue. Soap, Co. reached out asking if I’d like to collaborate on creating my very own Glorified Tomato garden soap. I kinda lost it!! “Yes.” I said. Mike has partnered with others to create custom soaps like community group Sea Changes and The Beach 91st Street Community Garden, drawing inspiration from their unique complexions. He offers personalized, create-your-own scented soap for individuals, customized soap for a special event such as a bridal or baby shower. And […]

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Rest In Peace Obama


I first encountered Obama perched on the rafters of my gutted third-floor attic nine years ago. He looked me over for a minute before leaping onto another beam and disappearing. My new house was his house apparently, except he didn’t have to pay the mortgage. Rumor on 91st is, that he was abandoned at one year old by a tenant who moved out, forcing him to fend for himself on the streets.  He had a rough start, but found his place as the official “watchdog” of 91st Street, patrolling the […]

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Discover the Library’s Cool Factor

non-monogamous relationships

Dive into the world of polyamory at Peninsula Library. Explore the complexities and dynamics of non-monogamous relationships alongside heartwarming cat photos. I go to the library often to write my column. It offers a distraction-free environment, unlike the sink full of dishes at home or my mischievous cat, Fivey, pouncing on the keyboard. As a freelancer, stepping out of the house and into the library makes me feel like a grown-up, productive human. Also, the Peninsula branch is pretty darn cool. Learn everything from computer programming to skateboarding and surfing. This sign […]

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A Place Like Know Others

Others, Washed Up, Brothers, Rockaway Beach 1

The off-season cafe, Others, located at the Beach 97th Street concession wrapped up last weekend until next year. Others brought us the combined culinary talents of Washed Up Beach Cafe ( and Brothers (@brothersrockaway) eatery. We were fed otherworldly offerings, the strongest steaming hot coffees, breakfast burritos infused with tater tots, creamy ricotta toast delicately topped with sweet carrots, warm pesto eggs sandwiches, so many sweet treats, Zak Daddy smash burgers, and pop-up specials featuring mouthwater foods from guest chefs. A beautiful, etched glass memento of the LOG was gifted […]

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Beach Walks Inspire Business – It Was Kismet.


In our close-knit town, nothing goes unnoticed. When wooden flower boxes suddenly adorned the building at the corner of 91st street this summer, my curiosity was piqued. I needed to find out more. I entered through the side door and was greeted by the soothing, soft scent of incense. I smiled when I discovered this was a new brick and mortar boutique, housing beautiful, hand-crafted offerings. The flower box signaled care and commitment, telling signs, to the larger story… Last year, Rockaway resident Nicole Dubensky opened Kismet. A cozy shop […]

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Arverne East Urban Nature Preserve

Boarded-pathway-Arverne East Nature Preserve Rockaway

Fall is the best time to hike, walk, spy migratory birds, and embrace the changing leaf landscape. And we don’t have to make a trip up to Hudson to enjoy all that. NYC Parks offers us diverse natural and urban landscapes with endless exploring and learning opportunities. Would you guess we have over 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas throughout the five boroughs? I was impressed to read that number. I’d estimate a few hundred of those green spaces are in Rockaway. It’s fair to say we’ve all noticed the […]

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Celebrate Animals And Nature in Harmony At ANIMAL ROCK 2023!


Expand your understanding of the animal world at this year’s ANIMAL ROCK event. Open your mind and learn how animals teach us, how they heal us, how to connect deeply with your pets, and how humans can live in harmony with all creatures. ANIMAL ROCK is this Sunday, October 1, from 10am-4pm, under the dome at 94 Street and Shore Front Parkway. From personal experience working with Jill Lauri, Founder of ANIMAL ROCK and my cat Lefty, I’ve come to understand that animals possess a unique power to heal and […]

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Pie Party! B91 Community Garden Fundraiser


The Beach 91st Street Community Garden is hosting a Pie Party Fundraiser and I want to share the details with you because there are some pretty fun and tasty things happening! The Pie Party is this Saturday (tomorrow!)  Sept. 23rd, from 12-4pm. The event will be held in the beautiful garden courtyard – 136 Beach 91st St., Rockaway Beach (Beach Block). Bring a picnic blanket and dress like you’re heading to the country fair (if you want)! The Food: Delicious, homemade pies baked fresh by your neighbors for sale! Come […]

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2023 Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Underground Competition!

art by ustinvaldes

Bodysurfers rely on the natural power of the waves to propel them, creating a strong connection to the ocean and its energy. It’s an organic and unadulterated way to ride the waves. Witness this unique link to the water – tomorrow, Saturday, September 9th at the 2023 Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Underground (RBBU) Competition. The first heat rides at 10 a.m. Get your blankets, beach chairs, and bathing suits, and pack a lunch for the day-long event. Set up on the sand at The Box (East jetty at Beach 84th Street). […]

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Domingo World At Edgemere Farm Brings Community Vibrancy to Far Rock

Teresa-Farrell Rockaway

Music, visual art, and dance movement integrated within a field of vegetables is the stage for Domingo World. Domingo World is a music and art residency held at Edgemere Farm on the first Sunday of every month throughout the summer. Have you been yet? Teresa Farrell and Gio Fernandez-Kincade are the co-creators of the explorative collective which features a different artistic experience each month. Feel the community joy this weekend on “the day of the Lord.”’ From 1-5 p.m. meditate in the music of Galazyworld (@galaxyworldz) and Agua De Gio. […]

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