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From Bay To Beach To Backyard – The Birds Of 91st Street

Beach 91 Community Garden

“The wild color warblers of spring and fall, the shorebirds of summer, the waders for waterfowl or birds of prey on a winter day? Our year-round residents, or regular or rare visitors? How about birds photographed right here on Beach 91st — from bay to beach to backyard, street tree to jetty — all year long, something to see. Untangling the songs, tuning in: a moving leaf, a new sound, a distinct shape in the sky. A rhythm of arrivals and the departures — certain or shifting — charting time, […]

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Introducing…Tomato Glow A Holland Avenue Soap Collab

Paula DiGioia Tomat Glow Soap

“Hey, I have an idea, let’s make a tomato-scented soap!” Over the winter, Mike Benigno of Holland Avenue. Soap, Co. reached out asking if I’d like to collaborate on creating my very own Glorified Tomato garden soap. I kinda lost it!! “Yes.” I said. Mike has partnered with others to create custom soaps like community group Sea Changes and The Beach 91st Street Community Garden, drawing inspiration from their unique complexions. He offers personalized, create-your-own scented soap for individuals, customized soap for a special event such as a bridal or baby shower. And […]

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Meddle Juice: Music And Performative Garden Escapades

Jello Art Paula DiGioia

I didn’t know what Meddle Juice was when I first heard about it through the Rockaway internet grapevine this past winter. All I knew was that I needed to show up at this newish venue called the Rose Den on Beach 116th Street – on a Monday night. And so I did. And so it all became clear. Meddle Juice was the secret ingredient to creative survival I needed to immerse my senses in, to sustain my being through the cold, lingering Rockaway winter. To keep the beat flourishing, Meddle Juice creator, […]

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Edgemere Farm Transforms into a Hub of Domingo World Magic and Mood this Sunday!

Artist Caroline Wood

Domingo World, a monthly event held at Edgemere Farm showcasing live music, performances, and visual art exhibits, will commence on Sunday, June 2nd, running from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Now in its second year, this series is curated by musician Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade and artist  m i c c a. Domingo World brings together the diverse people of Rockaway and mainland visitors who share a passion for the arts and community. This Sunday the featured musicians are Agua de Gio, Vera Kahn and Jeff Tobias. There will be a performance of “Green Man” by Luxury Bones, and an art installation, “When Triangles Becomes […]

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Growing Connections: Designer Frederico Phillips


Apart from cultivating delicious foods and discovering the secrets of gardening, an integral appeal of participating in the Beach 91st Street Community Garden is the sense of community it fosters. Over the years, from my initial membership to assuming a leadership role, the garden has provided me with a unique avenue to connect with individuals in Rockaway whom I might never have crossed paths with otherwise. Our group is a sea of cultures and age ranges, yet we find ourselves united by our shared love for the soil. Fred monitoring […]

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Cultivate Community: Join the B91 Garden For Their Spring Plant Sale Fundraiser!


This Sunday, May 19th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Beach 91st Street Community Garden is hosting its annual plant sale fundraiser. Enjoy the spring air and vibrant blooms while spending time with friends and neighbors —bring a blanket and picnic to make the most of the day. This year, there are some exciting new additions you won’t want to miss! A delightful selection of plants to elevate your greenery game will be for sale. Offerings include tomatoes, aromatic basil, peppers, chives, and other herbs perfect for culinary adventures. […]

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Hug Your Mates.


Hesitating, I walked delicately towards the crowd of black suits standing in clusters on the sand at 94th Street. Why did I feel so nervous? I saw my friend Elise. She’s 9 years old. We started talking about Surf Camp and how excited she is to start it up again in June. Photo By Frith Fraser. This would be my first memorial paddle-out. Our friend Sean organized everyone. He explained what would happen for the newbies… me. We’d paddle out, following his lead, a bit past the jetty. We’d embrace […]

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Discover the Library’s Cool Factor

non-monogamous relationships

Dive into the world of polyamory at Peninsula Library. Explore the complexities and dynamics of non-monogamous relationships alongside heartwarming cat photos. I go to the library often to write my column. It offers a distraction-free environment, unlike the sink full of dishes at home or my mischievous cat, Fivey, pouncing on the keyboard. As a freelancer, stepping out of the house and into the library makes me feel like a grown-up, productive human. Also, the Peninsula branch is pretty darn cool. Learn everything from computer programming to skateboarding and surfing. This sign […]

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Acupuncture – A Transformative Experience

La Saladita

Almost immediately, as the thin needles entered my body I felt a tingling that guided me into a state of calm. A wave of relaxation washed over the tight muscles of my body. I became the petals of a flower opening up in the spring sunshine. Moments passed and the medicine women reentered the room to place two more needles beneath my eyes. With each slow minute that passed, I sank deeper into a state of relief. The room was warm. Then a sensation passed through me. I was rising […]

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A Place Like Know Others

Others, Washed Up, Brothers, Rockaway Beach 1

The off-season cafe, Others, located at the Beach 97th Street concession wrapped up last weekend until next year. Others brought us the combined culinary talents of Washed Up Beach Cafe ( and Brothers (@brothersrockaway) eatery. We were fed otherworldly offerings, the strongest steaming hot coffees, breakfast burritos infused with tater tots, creamy ricotta toast delicately topped with sweet carrots, warm pesto eggs sandwiches, so many sweet treats, Zak Daddy smash burgers, and pop-up specials featuring mouthwater foods from guest chefs. A beautiful, etched glass memento of the LOG was gifted […]

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