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A very Special Beverage

Manhattan Special

“All the Italians in the old neighborhood drank them,” my friend Keith said. He remembers his father sitting on the stoop at their home in East New York, 30 years ago. Mr. Vittore would crack open an ice-cold Manhattan Special, gulping the caffeine boost down, during those sultry, dog-days of summer. The Manhattan Special is the world’s most delicious pure espresso coffee soda, says the company’s website… and me… and every Italian man in New York over the age of 65. The icon design has not altered much in the […]

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Roasted Apples With Hazelnut, Bitter Chocolate, And Lemon Zest

It’s feast or famine with freelance work. Right now… famine. For that reason, I’ve decided to go deep into organizing my home – like every draw, closet, and corner. It feels good to purge. It also feels good to know I have five whisks, three crock pots, four pizza cutters, and six very cute measuring spoon sets, among other multiples, I don’t remember buying. I’m pretty much done with the kitchen. Now I’m tackling the office. I’m going through my books with the intention of donating 20%. Alas, I’m having […]

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Stuffed Artichokes… To Die For

Use your fingers to separate the leaves and get the breadcrumb in each layer

I spotted the most beautiful artichokes in Trader Joe’s. They were large and barely had browning. I had to buy them. I was so excited about this find, I actually called my mother from the crowded store to share my enthusiasm. She’d get it. Her first words were, “HOW MUCH ARE THEY??,” “$2.59 each,” I said. She grumbled, “That’s high, but for this time of the year it’s ok, get them.” I wasn’t asking for permission but I appreciated her blessing. I’ve written before about artichokes on my blog but […]

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Get Outta Town


Last week my friend and I mustered up all of our courage and actually left the peninsula. As we all know, it’s so hard to do during the high season. Mind you, this was a Wednesday, not a weekend (that would be absurd). Meredith and I have both been eager to go to the KUSAMA: COSMIC NATURE exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens. I actually saw some of Yayoi Kusama’s work randomly at the Nassau County Museum when I was visiting my sister during the winter. I fell in […]

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A Decadent Dish Of Ziti

On New Year’s Eve I made a decadent tray of ziti. I put the cheesy videos on Instagram stories. Several people messaged me asking for the recipe. I gave them some quick pointers because I don’t have a recipe written down. To elaborate, I want to share my secrets to a delicious ziti here. And I’ll say, it’s more about these tips than it is about following a recipe to the measurement. The Sauce: It’s easy to make a good sauce if you throw a piece of pork or sausage in […]

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Creative Cuisine at Ornella Trattoria


Paula and I were invited to attend a tasting at Ornella Trattoria in Astoria, Queens. As we walked in the door, you could smell the garlic wafting from the kitchen, this was my first indication we were in for a treat. Owner Giuseppe Viterale recognized us immediately, “the bloggers!”. As I would soon learn, Giuseppe recognized all this patrons. His trattoria has a feeling of warmth and it’s because of Mr. Viterale’s charismatic presence in the dinning room, night after night. We sat down, the vino was poured and the flood […]

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3 Dishes, 2 Hours, 1 Traditional Southern Italian Meal


I was nervous as we approached the door but in true Italian flare, we were welcomed as family.  Mrs. A explained what Susanne and I would be cooking. “I want to start with something easy, I cook dinner for myself every night, it doesn’t have to take a long time.”  We got straight to work after walking in the door of Mrs. Abbracciamento’s Breezy Point home. Mrs A. is the wife of the late Sal Abbracciamento, acclaimed New York City restaurateur. I was sincerely honored to be invited into her home, to […]

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Review: The Italian Americans – PBS

italian americans

Photo Credit – I watched parts 1 of the PBS special, The Italian Americans and I was impressed by the show. There were amazing photos and videos of the immigrants that reminded me of my family. The show traced the history of the migration of the southern Italians to America in the late 19th century. The poor treatment of the these Italians in a newly formed Italy forced millions to take the treacherous journey to America to find a new life. They wanted a better life for their families and […]

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Edgemere Farm Dinner – not to be missed

Edgemere Farm Far Rockaway 3

Located on 385 Beach 45th St. in Far Rockaway, the Edgemere Farm is a market garden for new and experienced farmers. Many local business such as Goody’s, Uma’s and Claudette’s have plots here, growing their produce locally. I’ve been hearing great things about the dinner nights at the Edgemere Farm. We ordered tickets and finally visited last Thursday. The first thing I said after walking in was “Why is this the first time I’ve come all summer?” We checked in and found a table. They go fast, so come early. To save […]

The Feast of Maria SS. del Soccorso

Federazione Italo-Americana di Brooklyn and Queens Feast

The Federazione Italo-Americana di Brooklyn and Queens’annual feast is happening now (!!!) through this Sunday. (Fresh Pond Rd. between Woodbine St. and Menahan St. – Ridgewood) Pictured above is Maria SS. del Soccorso the Patrona Castellammare del Golfo Castellammare del Golfo is a town and comune in the Trapani Province of Sicily. The name is roughly translated “Sea-Fortress (castle (on the) sea) of the Gulf”, deriving from the medieval fortress in the harbor. The body of water it sits upon also takes its name from the fortress, Golfo di Castellammare. […]

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