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Kaori’s Iced Espresso Tonic

The heat is on and caffeinated icy-cold coffee drinks have been the topic of conversation in my circle on the sand.  My friend Keith said in Key Food the Manhattan Special now has a little pop-up stand! I’d like to think my column on the vintage coffee soda a few weeks ago resulted in an up-tick in sales!  I’m on the beach last weekend with a bunch of friends. We were enjoying the entertainment of a very crowded foamy lineup on a knee high afternoon. “I think I have to […]

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The Mustachioed Little Man

Bialetti Moka Express

The Bialetti mascot with his index finger held up as if ordering an espresso. In Italian he is called l’omino con i baffi – “the mustachioed little man.” The mascot is a caricature of Alfonso’s son, Renato Bialetti by Illustrator Paolo “Paul” Campani. Source Wikipedia A friend broke my red Cuisinart drip coffee pot several months back! I started using a spare pot I had that I don’t like… actually I hate it. Yup, it is possible to hate a coffee machine. All this time I was trying to figure […]

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Learn To Brew The Best Cup, From The Best… Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe Coffee Classes

I’m a coffee drinker. I love everything about it – the smell, the taste, the cup in my hands and the jolt I need in the morning (twice)… and in the afternoon. So, when I learned that Greenhouse Cafe was hosting coffee classes, I signed up, stat. I say I’m a coffee lover, but admittedly I know very little about my beloved beverage. The first class Greenhouse Cafe hosted was Introduction to Specialty Coffee. Fitting for an aspiring coffee aficionado like myself. The class began with Lead Barista Michael Mainwaring […]

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Cats & Coffee

Pickle havin’ a cup! Photo by Alex Tween Previously published in The Wave. We will truly never understand the mysterious minds of cats. Among the many enigmas of feline behavior is their apparent love of coffee. I first noticed this when my friend Alex started texting me pictures of his adorable football-shaped kitty Pickle (also known as Mrs. Tween) trying to get her big furry head into a paper coffee cup! Polliwog, the kitten I bottle fed and fostered and my cat Fivey have also licked the cup a few times. […]

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Rockaway Roasters Seeks Artist Submissions


Credit: Rockaway Roasters, Facebook Great news… Rockaway Roasters our first gourmet coffee shop on restaurant row  (92-06 Rockaway Beach Blvd.) is open (!!!) and they’re seeking submissions for their first art exhibit. The theme of this exhibit, Rockaway Life is the visualization of life in the Rockaways, through a focus on culture, landmarks, people, imagery, activities and landscapes. For submission guidelines contact Liorr Karasanti: liorrk[at] Submission Deadline: April 7th Source: Rockaway Artists Alliance newsletter

Cypress Inn is open

The Cypress Inn

UPDATE: The Cypress Inn is officially open –  their serving up coffee but no sign of the wine bar yet!  Initially when we spoke with workers (pre-opening) the plan was for the Cypress Inn to dual as a cafe by day, wine bar by night. Perhaps they’re waiting for a liquor license?  When we find out more information, we’ll update again. In the meantime, go and grab a cup, the coffee is great! 1706 STANHOPE ST RIDGEWOOD, NY 11385.

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Iced Coffee Soda

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cafe and wine bar coming to ridgewood!

Walking to the subway, I passed the old sign on Cypress and Stanhope and decided to take a picture, but I also noticed there were dudes inside the place. These dudes appeared to be building something. “Dudes”, I said, “Are you building something?” They told me about the plans for the Cypress Inn, cafe by day, wine bar by night. Paula is going to find out more from the owner Vinny, but in the meantime, I thought you guys would be happy to learn that we’ll be getting a new […]