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The Holy Dumpster Of Rockaway Beach

Child of Prague Garden

I texted my father right away when I saw the Child of Prague appeared at the far end of the path in my garden. He said, “Paula, this is a gift from God!” I said, “Dad, it is actually a gift from my friend Teresa.” Tony’s on Knickerbocker Avenue* is Teresa Farrell’s favorite pizza joint in the city. She wears an Italian horn around her neck, so obviously she knows what the deal is. Above the dough-making counter sits a precious, 17 inch, flamboyantly dressed Child of Prague statue. Sometimes, […]

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Pandemic Pizza Box

When I received my first COVID-19 pizza box it was unsettling. I tried to enjoy my delicious slices but kept thinking about “THE VIRUS.” Now for some reason, I’m oddly obsessed with the boxes. I suppose my interest is due to my profession – I’m a graphic designer with a background in marketing. The concept of using a pizza box as a vehicle to promote health safety and Covid-19 testing throughout NYC – a city obsessed with pizza – is clever to say the least. There are currently two editions […]

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Oh, Those Nooks And Crannies…

english muffin pizzas

I made English Muffin pizzas the other day and they were so so good. I remember as a kid making them with my sisters on our small kitchen table at home. We’d each have 4 or 5 of our very own to “work on”, with whatever toppings my mother had on hand. We’d pile on so much cheese, pepperoni and black olives (my fav), that when the muffins came out of the oven, the cheese was sizzling over on the hot pan. It was so much fun for us. Do […]

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In the Kitchen with Nicole Russell, creator of Last Dragon Pizza

last dragon pizza rockaway 5

Previously published in The Wave. “Push the dough out from the center, roll it lightly and don’t get too close to the edges,” Nicole instructed. “Can you believe I’m Italian and have never made pizza dough before! I’m so embarrassed” I admitted. “I’m Jamaican and I’ve never cooked oxtail, so don’t worry about it,” Nicole responded with a laugh. The conversation flowed naturally. I felt like I’d been in the kitchen with Nicole Russell for years. Nicole is the creator of Last Dragon Pizza in Arverne. We’ve been meaning to […]

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The Double-Folded Slice – Travolta Style


Previously published in The Wave How to eat pizza is a contentious subject among New Yorkers. There’s the right way — folding — and there is the semi-legitimate way eating it flat/open.  Among the horrifyingly uncouth methods, there is crust first, removing the cheese and eating the bread separate.  Then there is The Unspeakable: eating a slice with a knife and fork. With John Kasich, it was understandable. He’s from Ohio; what does he know about pizza?  In 2011 at La Famiglia in Times Square, President Donald Trump, a native […]

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Review: The Glo!!! – Last Dragon Underground Pizza

The Glo!!! Last Dragon Pizza

Photo via Last Dragon Pizza Facebook Since reading on DNAinfo about the underground pizzeria Last Dragon, we’ve been dying to try it out. Last Dragon Pizza is the creation of Nicole Russell, 41, a super-fan of the cult classic film who slings her pies like blue arrows at her home in Arverne. A few weeks ago Susanne and I made arrangements to pre-order for a Wednesday night pick-up. After much back and forth, we agreed to order The Glo!!!  It would be smart to try the “nuts and bolts” pizza first, we thought.  The Glo!!! is […]

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