winter vortex recipes (that will make you happier)


There’s food that you just start craving when the weather is vortexing. I turn to soup, hearty meats, red wine and a touch of whiskey here and there.

Possible explanations for these cravings…

  1. We are less active and less social in the winter, which could increase anxiety and depression and lead to stress eating and overconsumption. (I’m guilty of all mentioned here)
  2. Comfort foods are generally sweet, fatty and calorie-dense, which may help temporarily improve mood and alleviate anxiety or stress. In other words, many people may be self-medicating with these dishes. (Yup, this also sounds familiar)
  3. Lighter, cooler foods like fresh fruits and vegetables were historically less available during the winter, so there may be an inherent preference for foods that are in season like starchier vegetables.
  4. We may have a genetic tendency to seek out more calorie-dense food in the winter months because food historically was scarcer.

Lets self-medicate with comfort food this week – it may be a long winter! Below are my favorite winter recipes that will help with the vortex blues!

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