Guinea Squash, that’s what we call it.

It grew and we cooked it! Here’s the play by play…

1. O an eggplant, ready to pick!

Ready to pick


2. Cherish the adorable fruit.

Yah! Eggplant

3. Give thanks to the Mother Mary.

The Blessing


4. Slice and check the seeds. The less the tastier – The Mother has blessed our fruit, minimal seeds!

Checking for seeds

5. Salt and dry, Italians know why.

Salt and Dry

6. Bread.


7. Fry – Oil must be HOT (use Wesson).


8. Don’t  chintz on the paper towels, soak out that oil.

Don't Chintz, drain well

9. Add gravy, mozzarella and a ton of Romano.

Adding Romano

10. Cook and EAT! (350 till the cheese melts – 25min).

Shit looks good... and was!

– Eggplants are native to India. (I <3 India – Thank You)
– Eggplant is effective in the treatment of high blood cholesterol.
– For the smokers: eggplant is richer in nicotine than any other edible plant.
– Eggplant is a perennial… go figure.
– There are orange varieties of Eggplant.