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Opening Weekend at Edgemere Farm


My first time at Edgemere Farm was for the Italian night summer dinner. Ever since, I’ve been a regular visitor. Excitement is building for opening weekend at Edgemere Farm – May 2nd and 3rd, 9am – 2pm. If you would like a free tree, you must reserve and register here in advance. Items for sale include garden plants, herbs, fresh eggs and more. Also The End of  The A shopping mobile truck will be parked outside selling house plants and beach gear. Hope to see you there! Edgemere Farm /  Facebook 385 Beach […]

Beach 91st Street Community Garden

Beach 91st Street Community Garden

For more info visit Beach 91st Street Community Garden’s Facebook page. Hope to see you there.

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36 days till spring.

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Strawberry Fields forever

Strawberry Plant

Garden tip of the week – Maureen explains the correct way to plant your strawberry garden. June is strawberry harvest, so plant them now!

The front yard


This is the first garden post for the new house!  There’s much to be done and it’s exciting, but more so overwhelming. I decided the front yard was most important to start on. Having a lush garden will detract from our current dilapidated exterior. The first task was to remove about 7 inches of sand left behind from hurricane sandy. Once I started digging, I discovered there was a weed barrier tarp layered on. I wanted to get this up so whatever I planted could grow deep. Removing this was not […]

A Taste of Rockaway Beach – Sunday, May 4

Taste of Rockaway May 4

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Bagel Bird Feeder

bagel bird feeder

Walking home from Valentino’s this past Sunday I spotted this! A bagel just sitting in a tree, I thought “how bizzare, must be some kids goofing around.” I continued walking home and then WABAM!! – I had a great idea. I should make a bagel bird feeder! Even though the weather has been cold and snowy, I’ve noticed the birds have started their migration. This is a beautiful time of year to bird watch, you’ll see uncommon species on their travels and I’m guessing they’ll be hungry. Below are my directions for the bagel […]

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Eggshell Artwork By Mary Deas

eggshell artwork

I started my eggshell pieces a few years ago. One morning I was cooking breakfast for my father (I didn’t eat eggs at the time because I was vegan). I cracked an egg into the frying pan and part of the shell fell in. I noticed that the cracks made a really neat design. So I asked my mother to save the eggshells that week, bought a canvas and tried out designs. Since then I’ve explored many combinations. I’ve tried emu egg, which is very thick, like porcelain. I’ve tried […]

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