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From Bay To Beach To Backyard – The Birds Of 91st Street

Beach 91 Community Garden

“The wild color warblers of spring and fall, the shorebirds of summer, the waders for waterfowl or birds of prey on a winter day? Our year-round residents, or regular or rare visitors? How about birds photographed right here on Beach 91st — from bay to beach to backyard, street tree to jetty — all year long, something to see. Untangling the songs, tuning in: a moving leaf, a new sound, a distinct shape in the sky. A rhythm of arrivals and the departures — certain or shifting — charting time, […]

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Edgemere Farm Transforms into a Hub of Domingo World Magic and Mood this Sunday!

Artist Caroline Wood

Domingo World, a monthly event held at Edgemere Farm showcasing live music, performances, and visual art exhibits, will commence on Sunday, June 2nd, running from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Now in its second year, this series is curated by musician Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade and artist  m i c c a. Domingo World brings together the diverse people of Rockaway and mainland visitors who share a passion for the arts and community. This Sunday the featured musicians are Agua de Gio, Vera Kahn and Jeff Tobias. There will be a performance of “Green Man” by Luxury Bones, and an art installation, “When Triangles Becomes […]

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Spread The Joy: With An Easter Buttered Lamb

buttered lamb easter

Knowing how passionate I am about my Butter Village refrigerator installation, my thoughtful Godson Jake, gifted me sculpting tools last Christmas. I’ve been eager to use them and now the time has come. I’m in the midst of sculpting buttered lambs — in preparation of Easter Sunday, which I host every year. I’ve discovered that sculpting with butter requires a delicate touch and precision to shape the creamy medium effectively. The variety of tools has provided me with the opportunity to create interesting textures and details. The possibilities are almost overwhelming if […]

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Stay Warm And Get Crafty Indoors. Or Visit The One And Only… Villa Roma – For An Overwhelming Italian Experience.


I just returned from the Villa Roma. This is an old-school resort where mostly Italian people from Brooklyn and Lawng Islanders gather to eat mountains of food, gamble, generally indulge, and most importantly, spend time with la familia. My Grandfather Ralph found the place and we had gone a few times when I was a tween. My sisters had the idea of going back, and we have reintroduced the tradition since my godson Jake was three years old. He’s turning 18 on March 23rd! My nieces, nephews, sisters, husbands, and parents adore […]

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Butter Village

butter village sculpture2

The inception of this project was formed a year ago during the Thanksgiving season. It wasn’t a single, pivotal moment that gave rise to the vision of Butter Village. Instead, what remains vivid in my memory is a collection of moments and experiences that played a role in molding the concept of the Christmas village: I saw a carved, butter turkey in Stop & Shop. I remember picking it up and looking at it for several minutes. It resonated with me. At this time I was working on an intense 2 1/2 […]

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Wrap Your Holiday Gifts In The Wave (After You Read It)

diy wrapping paper

This year I wrapped all of my Christmas gifts in newspaper and paper from an old caroling book. Why? Because it’s cheaper than buying five rolls of wrapping paper for $7.99 each. It’s fun, creative, and most importantly… it reduces waste. Pages from an old book work nicely as wrapping paper for a holiday or birthday present. Here, I used a song sheet from an old Christmas caroling book. I swear I thought of this brilliant, eco-conscious holiday hack before I saw the Sanitation Foundation’s IG post (@sanitationfoundation). It alerts […]

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A Place Like Know Others

Others, Washed Up, Brothers, Rockaway Beach 1

The off-season cafe, Others, located at the Beach 97th Street concession wrapped up last weekend until next year. Others brought us the combined culinary talents of Washed Up Beach Cafe ( and Brothers (@brothersrockaway) eatery. We were fed otherworldly offerings, the strongest steaming hot coffees, breakfast burritos infused with tater tots, creamy ricotta toast delicately topped with sweet carrots, warm pesto eggs sandwiches, so many sweet treats, Zak Daddy smash burgers, and pop-up specials featuring mouthwater foods from guest chefs. A beautiful, etched glass memento of the LOG was gifted […]

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Learning Through Transient Jello Sculpting

jello sculpture 1

I was in London two weeks ago for my friend Amber and Jon’s wedding! I had time to explore the city’s vibrant culture and rich history. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful. When I returned though, I sensed a big shift. I felt unmoored. All of a sudden, it was Fall and things had changed. But you know what Fall means… jello season. With the intensity of the summer behind me, I have time to focus on jello again. I started my jello journey last March… “My […]

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