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Dive into the world of polyamory at Peninsula Library. Explore the complexities and dynamics of non-monogamous relationships alongside heartwarming cat photos.

I go to the library often to write my column. It offers a distraction-free environment, unlike the sink full of dishes at home or my mischievous cat, Fivey, pouncing on the keyboard. As a freelancer, stepping out of the house and into the library makes me feel like a grown-up, productive human. Also, the Peninsula branch is pretty darn cool.

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Learn everything from computer programming to skateboarding and surfing. This sign always makes me laugh.

Here’s why:

  • I scored eclipse glasses there last week, which came with an information sheet explaining the cosmic lineup. Did you experience the celestial event? That was really special, wasn’t it?
  • At the library, you’ve got access to all the magazines you could ever want – from Vogue to Better Homes and GardensNYTimes Cooking and even Thrasher, all for free! Find a seat at the comfy reading table, complete with high back chairs, and indulge in quality “me time” with your favorite rag. There’s one thing missing though: a coffee counter. Maybe it’s time for me to pitch library coffee at a CB14 meeting?
  • Find a hot date at the library by pretending you’re sophisticated and intellectual, while flipping through an obscure book and looking cute in one of the aisles.
  • One of the main attractions at the library is the exhibition of drawings created by the youth in our community. Don’t overlook the children’s section; inside, you’ll discover artwork adorning the walls, which is refreshed every few weeks. Also, look down at the remarkably cool rug. Opposite the children’s room is the Teens area. Go left into what looks like an empty space. Find the bulletin board. Here the kids of Rockaway pin up some interesting doodles and artwork.  It’s a window into their minds and a refreshing perspective.
  • Print stuff for free. 20 pages a day, this is notable.
  • Follow @friends_penninsula_alc on Instagram. This non-profit organization hosts a variety of adult workshops, from printmaking to watercolor, knitting and other creative projects. Friends of Peninsula offers opportunities for adult education, such as language cafe sessions, resume preparation/job search guidance, computer literacy classes, GED testing, AI for beginners and more. Additionally, the non-profit holds special events and community fundraisers. These are valuable, free resources for our community! Join the exciting meet-ups to learn, create, and connect with like-minded neighbors.
  • Rent DVD’s and CD’s. This is very cool and weird and whoever is renting these, lets hangout.
  • Books!  Did you know they have a skate and surf section?! Enough said.

Peninsula Library is located at 92-25 Rockaway Beach Boulevard Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 (wheelchair accessible). Phone: 718.634.1110. The hours have recently changed: Tuesday- Wednesday: 10am-6:pm, Thursday: 12pm-8pm, Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am-5pm


the library is cool

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