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Review: The Italian Americans – PBS

italian americans

Photo Credit – I watched parts 1 of the PBS special, The Italian Americans and I was impressed by the show. There were amazing photos and videos of the immigrants that reminded me of my family. The show traced the history of the migration of the southern Italians to America in the late 19th century. The poor treatment of the these Italians in a newly formed Italy forced millions to take the treacherous journey to America to find a new life. They wanted a better life for their families and […]

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Elegante’s Italian Spin on the Greek Salad

Elegante's Rockaway Beach

I recently discovered Elegante’s salads. I was waiting for a slice and decided to flip through their menu. With the house renovation (no stove or kitchen for that matter) it’s been difficult to eat healthy. I decided next time I would get some greens instead of pizza. A few days later, I resisted the carb temptation and ordered the Greek salad from Elegante. I was surprised when I sat down to eat. Along with the traditional Greek salad staples – feta, red onion, iceburg lettuce, kalamata olives and tomatoes (sans grape leaves and […]

Edgemere Farm Dinner – not to be missed

Edgemere Farm Far Rockaway 3

Located on 385 Beach 45th St. in Far Rockaway, the Edgemere Farm is a market garden for new and experienced farmers. Many local business such as Goody’s, Uma’s and Claudette’s have plots here, growing their produce locally. I’ve been hearing great things about the dinner nights at the Edgemere Farm. We ordered tickets and finally visited last Thursday. The first thing I said after walking in was “Why is this the first time I’ve come all summer?” We checked in and found a table. They go fast, so come early. To save […]

Review: The Glo!!! – Last Dragon Underground Pizza

The Glo!!! Last Dragon Pizza

Photo via Last Dragon Pizza Facebook Since reading on DNAinfo about the underground pizzeria Last Dragon, we’ve been dying to try it out. Last Dragon Pizza is the creation of Nicole Russell, 41, a super-fan of the cult classic film who slings her pies like blue arrows at her home in Arverne. A few weeks ago Susanne and I made arrangements to pre-order for a Wednesday night pick-up. After much back and forth, we agreed to order The Glo!!!  It would be smart to try the “nuts and bolts” pizza first, we thought.  The Glo!!! is […]

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Cypress Inn is open

The Cypress Inn

UPDATE: The Cypress Inn is officially open –  their serving up coffee but no sign of the wine bar yet!  Initially when we spoke with workers (pre-opening) the plan was for the Cypress Inn to dual as a cafe by day, wine bar by night. Perhaps they’re waiting for a liquor license?  When we find out more information, we’ll update again. In the meantime, go and grab a cup, the coffee is great! 1706 STANHOPE ST RIDGEWOOD, NY 11385.

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Best bird in town – find it at Estrella Del Mar


Estrella Del Mar serves the best rotisserie chicken in town — the outer skin is simply spiced, crisp, and salty. The meat is slow cooked to tender n’ juicy perfection! And don’t forget to squeeze the lemon wedges on the meat. Seriously this may be the best part – it takes the bird to new heights! Oh and dinner for 2 for 8 bucks – you just can’t go wrong. You can add rice and beans, a small salad or tostones for a few more. This could be the best dinner deal in Ridgewood… we […]

Q&A with Chimere J. Ward of Clean Plate Co.

Chimere J. Ward

Word on the scene at the Ridgewood Market is – try the shrimp and grits from Clean Plate Co. When I participated a few markets ago, my vendor neighbors were all raving about it. I went to Clean Plate’s table to give it a try and had the pleasure of meeting Chimere J. Ward, Clean Plate’s visionar. After chatting for a bit and learning Chimere is a Ridgewood neighbor, I headed  back to my table and ate, immediately confirming  the awesomeness of the shrimp and grits. Chimere is a hell of a cook! Read […]

yoga on the rocks, anyone?

Yoga on the Rocks

I tagged along with Rockaway Rises for a private yoga session at Yoga on The Rocks  (198 B 92nd St. Rockaway Beach). If you read this blog, it’s very likely that you love to eat, and at times, (especially before the summer) exercise is in order.  I was a bit nervous,  as I haven’t taken a yoga class in a while. But after meeting the owner/instructor, Lena Roca, right away I felt relaxed. Her no frills, light-hearted attitude set the tone for a fantastic, calming class. Lena is a massage theropist, surfer […]

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Lioni’s Mozzarella

Lionis Outside

My office is on Water Street in Manhattan. The building is currently uninhabitable so I have been working from our disaster recovery site. It’s essentially a warehouse with a bunch of desks, very different from my cubicle life at 55 Water. Some of the good things about our current setup is that I speak with people I normally wouldn’t have even met and I get to sit near some of my co-workers who are usually located on different floor but work on the same project as I do. One of […]

Cooking Class at Rustico


To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, my husband Mike signed me up for a cooking class at Rustico in Manhattan. I thought for a second that he was dissatisfied with the food I have been serving him, until he explained why he got it for me. “I thought it would be something different,” he said. No longer offended, I checked out the site to see what class I’d choose. I selected a holiday cookie class. We would make 6 Italian style cookies in less than 3 hours – something I […]

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