Rockaway Farmers Market, where have you been all my life?

Last Saturday,  I went for a pedicure at Sunny’s Nail salon on 116th street. Afterwards, I decided to pop in the Rockaway Farmers Market. I immediately walked over to the open rows of produce. So fresh! Crisp kale, avocados, ripe tomatoes, firm onions, artichokes, and a rainbow of peppers were only some of the many vegetables to choose from. And the prices were on point. The orange bell peppers were only 1.99lb!  The aroma of sage and thyme passed me as I walked by the herbs.


On the back wall to the right is a refrigerated area housing pre-packaged selections including sushi, diced veggies, pre-peeled garlic and sandwiches, among other grab-and-go items. To the left is a deli counter. In the center is a juicing bar! You can pick your own or purchase their staple blends. On the counter, I notice a strange looking ball-shaped fruit. It was redish in the center with green “tentacles”  shooting out around the berry. The sign below explained that this fruit, rambutan is a fat burner. It boosts energy and is a rich source of protein and iron. Rambutan, native to Indonesian, helps generate white and red blood cells and builds up the immune system. I’ve never seen these exotic fruits in Rockaway before! The price for juices is only 7 bucks –  sweet deal!

Rockaway Farmers Market Queens Rambutan

There’s a specialty raw honey aisle with over 15 brands and different flavors to choose from. The honey jars would make great gifts as they’re packaged so nicely! Like the rambutan, the honey section had an informative sign explaining the five benefits of pure bee pollen.

Rockaway Farmers Market Queens honey

You can go nuts in the nut section! (Wokka wokka.) Find raw cashews, walnuts, trail mix, almonds, corn nuts, peanuts, you name it. There’s no shortage of dried fruits either –  pitted prunes, jumbo dried raisins, pineapple, cranberries, kiwi and mixed dried fruit. Purchase by the pound.

For only 8.99 a lb. pick up whole roasted coffee beans from around the world.

Italian food lovers shouldn’t miss the fresh pasta from Papa Pasquale Ravioli of Bensonhurst. Look in the refrigerator towards the back on the left side.  I’m picking up a package to taste test next weekend. From penne to linguini there are many varieties to choose from. Once you go fresh pasta it’s hard to go back, right?


I was impressed by the selection of healthy foods for purchase at the Rockaway Farmers Market. I’d say most people see food shopping as a chore but shopping at the farmers market is a  pleasure. I found great deals, unique products and the service was welcoming. Rockaway Farmers Market is located at the corner of 116th Street and Beach Channel Drive. Support this locally owned business by visiting any day of the week. It’s open from 7am. to 8 p.m.