Grams of the Week – Sept 21

Here’s a recap of the best instagrams of last week. If you want the day to day follow me here!


RBI’s – is it ever a good idea?


Great news! John has been adopted by the same family that took Bella! John will be moving to Ridgewood on Friday. Wish him well! Many thanks to Bushwick Street Cats, for nursing him back to health before we started our foster.


Poseidon’s Parade this year was epic, good times all around!


And the most exciting news of the week… we’ve started the molding in our apartment! The summer break was great but now it’s back to work -full force. Pictured is the reclaimed mahogany we’re using for the window trim and base board. Fancy fancy!


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General House Update

After finishing both apartments this spring we took a breather… it’s been and awesome summer and a much needed break from the reno. Matt had some time to work on small fun woodworking projects – sliding barn doors for Clare, a step stool for baby Mia, my  entry closet doors, end-tables for Keith – ok, not so small right?!


Clare’s barn doors


Mia’s step stool.


My entry closet door.

Below is the living room to give you an idea of our semi-finished state.


The bedroom is looking good, I bought a bedspread!


Things are going to pick up again! I wanted to update everyone and let you guys know to expect more renovation posts!  We’ll be working the last week in September through the first week in October – finishing up our apartment! What’s left? All the trim, ceiling beams, stained glass in the living room, french pocket doors in the sunroom, various closet shelving, saddles for the floor, medicine cabinet and the kitchen. I think that’s everything, gesh!

I’m so excited, I’ve even been looking at couches and curtains preparing for the design phase.

Grams of the Week – Sept 12

Here’s a recap of the best instagrams of last week. If you want the day to day follow me here!

surfing rockaway beach

I’ve been hanging out on the beach late afternoon, just watching the surfers.

garden details rockaway beach

My Father found this cement planter curbside! This is one of two – each are on the ends of the brick steps.


Fivey and Lil Left – sharing is caring.


My friends Lorie and Stefanelli came over this weekend – good times! I never mind when they park the Mercedes in my driveway!

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Maureen’s in The Wave – Veterans’ Circle

Very proud of my Mother-in-law Maureen (and Tomato Gal contributor!). She’s been recognized in The Wave for her dedicated service in the beatification of Veterans’ Circle. Check it out!


Photo Credit Dan Brown: