Fiver Gets Breaded

A little late on this trend (ok, years late) but I just couldn’t help myself.

If only the bed was made this video would be perfection!

Cat BreadingI love my cat and of course I love bread. I can see this becoming a fixation.

Cat Breading

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Thank God it’s Christmas!

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs – Rockaway Edition

Like many neighborhoods in Queens, Rockaway has its share of relic signage. I’ve documented before in Ridgewood; I continue now in Rockaway. These beauties are on Rockaway Beach Blvd. around 90th.

The Science of Hair

Hubert’s Golden Styles Salon. I always think while passing by, if you add another “o” to “Salon” somehow, this would be the coolest bar name ever.

I know this building was sold not too long ago. I pray that this sign doesn’t disappear. I’m keeping an eye on it. I would buy this sign, I mean… “The science of hair” coupled with the beaker illustrations and retro font…  This is irreplaceable.


I don’t really get this but it’s bold and it makes me want fried chicken.

Tobacco, Candy - Rockaway

Candy cigarettes.. one stop shop!!!

Liquor - Rockaway

“LIQUOR” – the message is clear, no need to elaborate.
This is my closest place to retrieve wine. I never go after dark.







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Seasonal Plantings New to Myrtle Ave – Ridgewood

Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District

I received the Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District monthly email and was happy to read about this:

New seasonal plantings have been added as part of a new program initiative begun in September by the Myrtle Avenue BID, the Ridgewood LDC & The Horticultural Society of New York.  The plantings have given the pedestrian plazas at the intersection of 71 Av., Stephen Street and Myrtle Av. as well as Venditti Square & a planting area at Catalpa & Myrtle Avenues a holiday makeover.

Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District, with the Ridgewood Local Development Corporation, the city’s partner in caring for this space, is providing additional programming as well as daily maintenance. The space is also maintained by the Atlantic Maintenance Corporation, the BID’s sanitation service provider for the district.

The additional maintenance partner for the plaza is Neighborhood Plaza Partnership (NPP) – a unique workforce development & neighborhood revitalization program that provides transitional employment and job placement to hard-to-employ individuals while helping communities throughout the city maintain green public plazas in their commercial districts.

I don’t think anyone can complain about greener streets!