Last Stop, Broad Channel

You know the final scene in Titanic when Leonardo DiCaprio is in the arctic waters freezing to his death trying to console his beloved (also frozen) Rose (Kate Winslet)? Every day that clip flashes through my mind as my stomach fills with dread… then we arrive.

LAST STOP BRAWD CHANNEL, Transfah to the A!!!!

Broad Channel Station

It’s essential that we Rockaway commuters have our winter gear situation down pat.  There’s the hoodie/hat combo, the double coat plus cap technique, the earmuff collar up style, the poofy coat /headphone combo etc. etc. I’m partial to the hat/scarf head wrap. My nose is like the peninsula, exposed to the elements, protruding on all three sides. It’s imperative it’s protected, the hat/scarf head wrap method does the trick.

Broad Channel - Queens

This is the famous “hipster” hat. It was my grandmothers actually and it’s damn warm. I like wearing it with the scarf my sister made me. The scarf design was inspired by the  Doctor Who scarf.


The beanie hat – tight and full coverage.


 “Matchy Matchy” – Always a good look and it’s wool.

There’s a bond I’ve been feeling lately, a real New Yorker camaraderie… we’re all in this together. Some of us are pacing, some are looking down the track, others have hot coffee in hand, we are all bundled from head to toe…  then finally there’s a collective sigh – the train finally clunks in.

Waiting for the A train at Broad Channel is the price we pay for living in the best neighborhood in NYC. It’s worth the wait.

broad channel queens


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