Sparkly Red Artichokes for Valentine’s Day

My kitchen is red. I love red. I love my kitchen. I love decorating shit. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that I sparkle artichokes red for Valentine’s Day! This craft was obviously inspired by my mother-in-law Maureen and Aunt B! The play by play and directions below!

Dried artichoke

I dried the artichokes in the kitchen, in a bowl, nothing special. Tip from Maureen: If you want an “opened  flower look”, stuff newspaper between some of the leaves before you set to dry.

Red Paint

You’ll need red paint.

Painting the artichoke

Painted artichoke

I suggest drinking champagne while working on your lovely sparkly artichokes. Drinking makes any craft project more fun!

Sparkle process

Simple sparkle process. This is actually my second attempt. The first I tried with glue only, no paint. It didn’t look as good as the second painted version.

Lovely Valentine's Day sparkled artichoke!

Absolutely lovely, romantic sparked artichoke!

Final product!

Final location…  in a planter with other sparkly dollar store Valentine’s Day decorations! So fabulous, I can’t even!

2 artichokes
4 oz red sparkles
Plastic bowl
Barbecue skewers
Red paint
A spoon
Champagne (optional but suggested)

1. Dry the artichokes for 1-2 weeks
2. Cut about 1 inch off the stem of the artichoke (see photo)
3. Paint skewers and let dry (see photo)
4. Push the skewer in the center of the stem (see photo) (don’t forget to drink your champagne)
5. Pour sparkles in bowl
6. Paint the artichoke and immediately apply sparkles with the  spoon – over the bowl.
7. Find a cute spot for your sparkly artichoke decorations. Planters and vases work well. Drink champagne while admiring your work.