Tree Rant

Last November I wrote about the tree the city finally planted in my sidewalk tree pit. It wasn’t doing well despite my daily watering and compost. I hadn’t given up on it, I was planning on trimming the tree next spring and giving it another year but the city came and pulled it out this week! I don’t get the tree planting system – the money it must cost the city in contracts! The tree didn’t look good when we got it, is there any oversight?

Now I’m left with this!


Anyway, the contractor said  a new tree would be planted in a few weeks but nothing yet. I’m guessing it won’t happen until the spring since it’s so cold. I’m hoping for a Northern Red Oak but the city has recently put in several Junipers on our block. I like Junipers but it’s a small tree. I want a larger tree in hopes that in 2o years I won’t see the telephone wire madness across the street. I’ll updated when my new tree arrives. Wow, that was a rant, huh?!


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