How sweet it is… Voodoo Doughnut

[rating: 3]

Voodoo Doughnut (Portland, OR) – I had to try it. I’m not big on sugar treats but I had to have a bite from the famous Voodoo Doughnut shop. The line was long, about a 25 minute wait (it was a weekday). Once I stepped inside, I was pleasantly entertained by the menu item names – The Old Dirty, Cock and Balls, Portland Cream, Grape Ape… just to name a few. The decor was as vibrant and playful as their doughnut decorations and naming conventions. I decided to order what is known to be their two best, The Maple Bacon Bar and The Triple Chocolate Penetration.

Did the doughnuts live up to the hype?

The Maple Bacon Bar was ok. It’s made with raised yeast doughnut, maple frosting and bacon. The maple flavor was rich and worked well with the crispy bacon. Creative flavor combo! The down side… The doughnut wasn’t especially fresh – almost certainly sitting out to long. The strips of bacon “looked cool” but I thought if the bacon was crumpled it would taste better, having a more consistent taste. Bacon in every mouthful I suggest, unlike the strip presentation. Lastly, eating the doughnut was cumbersome. When I took a bite, the bacon pulled and split the doughnut – it’s a little messy.

The Triple Chocolate Penetration – what a doughnut! Rich flavor filled taste in every nibble – chocolate galore! It’s comprised of chocolate cake doughnut, chocolate frosting and coco-puffs! The coco-puffs gave this sinker a funky, cheerful look. The crunch from the puffs pleased me, especially with the soft doughnut texture contrast. One complaint – a touch dry but perhaps not with a cold glass of milk!  If you’re a chocolate lover, try this treat!

Voodoo doughnuts cost between 95¢ and $4.95. Custom orders are welcome – handmade, any shape or size. Worth eating – 3 tomatoes.

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