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hidden treasures unearthed in the bungalow


Our friend Sean is helping us with the house, working on various construction projects. While gutting the bungalow, he found several relics from days long gone. Knowing I would want these, he saved them. (Thanks Sean.) There was  life in our bungalow before it fell into disrepair. I’m imagining the families that moved in and out – working, trying to make ends meet, having fun, enjoying the beach, maybe getting married and having kids or maybe getting separated or maybe a single old Irish grump who loved Turkish cigarettes lived […]

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Review: The Glo!!! – Last Dragon Underground Pizza

The Glo!!! Last Dragon Pizza

Photo via Last Dragon Pizza Facebook Since reading on DNAinfo about the underground pizzeria Last Dragon, we’ve been dying to try it out. Last Dragon Pizza is the creation of Nicole Russell, 41, a super-fan of the cult classic film who slings her pies like blue arrows at her home in Arverne. A few weeks ago Susanne and I made arrangements to pre-order for a Wednesday night pick-up. After much back and forth, we agreed to order The Glo!!!  It would be smart to try the “nuts and bolts” pizza first, we thought.  The Glo!!! is […]

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Mobile Shopping Boutique Coming To Rockaway!

End of the A

We recently caught up with Rockaway residents Beth Waytowich and Tara Mckiernan, co-owners and creators of  the End of the A Mobile Boutique. Yes, we’re talking about an on-wheels fashion boutique servicing the Rockaways! Here’s the scoop… Q: What was the inspiration for End Of The A Mobile Boutique? The inspiration for the name ‘End Of The A’ is Rockaway being the last stop of the A train. The idea for a mobile boutique stemmed from Tara and I wanting to turn our love for fashion and the beach into a business. Rockaway […]

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maps and good omens

1912 Sanborn Map Rockaway Beach Detail

The survey of our new Rockaway house is pretty neat looking. Simple line drawings and cool fonts get me every time. Check it out. We discovered additional side-yard space next to the driveway. We previously didn’t realize it was part of our property. What this means for me is… more garden! Another good one is the NYC FEMA Flood Map Katie emailed us, “I’m cracking up – look where your future house is… it’s on an Island!”. Katie dubbed our new digs “The High Ground Club.” Our house sits in Zone […]

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Demolition Complete!

Third Floor Kitchen

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped with demolition a few weeks ago. We made a ton of progress and had a bunch of laughs!  We decided to have our contractor finish the job – she’s all cleared out! Actually, we weren’t planning on gutting the whole house but the more we peeled away the more we realized it would be best to start from scratch. We did of course save special architectural features, the tin ceilings, and the pocket and solid wood doors. Here’s a photo journal! On to […]

This old house

Our House

Drum roll please…. we’re moving to Rockaway!!! All things considered, we’ve made a great home out of our studio in Ridgewood over the past four years, but it was never supposed to be a permanent living space for us. We’ve been looking for new digs in Cypress Hills, Ridgewood, Rockaway and even upstate over the past year. In August, my mother-in-law showed us this adorable old Rockaway house. It had what we were looking for: old charm, a rental, a decent-sized backyard, and the biggest challenge to find, a permanent […]

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Surfside Bagels has your game day food!


Our favorite bagel shop in Rockaway, Surfside has some great Super Bowl menu specials – all are listed below. Order early and enjoy! Super Bowl XLVIII Menu: Three Foot Party Hero $50.00 Six Foot Party Hero $100.00 Homemade Shepherds Pie $50.00 Wings (Buffalo, BBQ or Honey BBQ) $45.00 Mozzarella Sticks $45.00 Philly Cheesesteak Sliders $45.00 KICK-OFF PACKAGE $75 Three Foot Party Hero Half Tray of Wings (Buffalo, BBQ or Honey BBQ) PARTY PACKAGE $150 Three Foot Party HeroWings (Buffalo, BBQ or Honey BBQ) Mozzarella Sticks Philly Cheesesteak Sliders Bag of Tortilla Chips Homemade […]

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Memory-Filled Christmas Cookies


  The Christmas songs always start right after Thanksgiving. The car radio would remain on the station playing the festive songs, and as my girls were growing up they would get so excited because they knew what was just around the corner. The weeks up to Christmas were a constant reminder of that special day. We had our annual trip to visit Santa at Macy`s for photos. We would stop and look at the tree at Rockefeller Center, and stop in St. Patrick’s to light candles. Then we would walk […]

A Taste of Rockaway Beach – Event Dec. 7

Taste of Rockway Queens

When we heard about A Taste of Rockaway Beach from Patrick, co-owner of Syarh’s Wine Bar, we were thrilled! We found out more from The Hospitality & Entertainment Association for Restaurants and Taverns (HEART of Rockaway Beach) was recently formed by businesses still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Several restaurant owners have banded together in hopes of drawing attention from residents and visitors especially in the off-season. Their first event, A Taste of Rockaway Beach, will be held on December 7th. It is described as a “restaurant crawl to celebrate the new and […]

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Here’s to the survivors of Sandy, stronger than ever.

We would like to share with you our posts from this past year, that speak to Superstorm Sandy. And we want to thank you, our family, friends and neighbors who have helped us rebuild our homes and our beloved community. Sandy stories: The Music Box  A water surge and 4 feet of salty smelly sand flooded it nearly to the ceiling. We couldn’t save much. It was hard to imagine that all the “things” we had been saving would find their way to the curb and the garbage dump.  In […]