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I get bus anxiety. I suppose it stems from my limited riding experience. To put it in perspective, I got my driver’s permit at 16 years old and was cruising myself and my friends all over Long Island by the age of 17. My father would gas up “my” car every few days for those 11 years (not joking) until I moved out of the house at age 26. I never pumped gas before that. And even then, living in Ridgewood, Queens, I had wheels. My father upgraded his Hyundai […]

A Salute to The Bungalows of Oceanus Court and The Beach 91st St. Community Garden

The O’Toole family on the  porch facing the court with the next generation of kids (early 90's)

Photo courtesy of Tim Hill. Previously published in THE WAVE 125TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE I met Kerry and Jeanne of the O’toole family and Patty Shea last summer as they were walking down my block, all smiles. Turns out, at one time, it was their block too. We had a thriving community back in the day on 91st St.” Jeanne tells me. I was excited to meet these new friends, learning of their lives lived from the 60’s through the mid 90’s, on the same street that I now call home […]

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yesterday at the beach


Yesterday I was fulfilling my roll as The Desperate Housewife of Rockaway Beach. I was doing laundry, cleaning and I needed to go food shopping. I stepped outside to check on Baby Biff Ball and Obama when I realized how beautiful it was outside! I dropped everything and made a bee-line for the beach. Here are photos from my day. Shoes on beach don’t happen to often. This seems like the work of Whit or Keone? I brought back a treat for the cats! They liked playing with it (Cookie and Lefty […]

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project front garden – part 2


Here’s Part 2 of the garden build out. As I mentioned in my previous post, Cousin Lesley and I worked together on the design of the garden. I explained to her what I envisioned – an organic feel, lots of color, and blooms all season. I needed a path to access the water source on the side of the house. And of course, It was essential to have The Virgin Mother incorporated in a prominent location. Lesley and I both agreed on choosing plants that would thrive in a coastal landscape, which in turn would support the native ecosystems in […]

Alley Pond Park


I remember going to Alley Pond Park as a young kid with my Dad, it was right by his sanitation garage. As I remember it, back then the park was dilapidated, overgrown and scary (thanks Dad!). A few times my friends and I went to Alley Pond to hang out and drink – that was around ’97.  The place was filled with litter and unkept. It felt more like a sump then a city park. Billy Joel’s line “hypodermics on the shore” always came to mind. Last weekend I went back to […]

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Hike It Baby Branches to Queens


Photo Source – Hike it Baby Queens Facebook Susanne Rieth, resident of Breezy Point has launched the Hike It Baby Queens Branch. Hike it Baby is a parents group dedicated to getting families together and out into nature with newborns and little ones. There are branches in over 200 cities around the country and internationally. We have a wide variety of hikes and urban strolls and the best part is being a member of Hike it Baby is FREE! The Queens branch is all inclusive – kids of any age are […]

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Grand Opening – End of the A’s Tea and Coffee Bar


January 2nd is the grand opening of END OF THE A’s  tea and coffee bar. It’s located inside the shop! Sounds delicious right? Make sure to check it out in the coming weeks. Source @endofthea END OF THE A 437 Beach 129th street Rockaway Park, NY Facebook

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Our Lady of Jamaica Bay


Maureen has been hinting around that she wanted a grandiose Mother Mary for Christmas. She deserves it.  Matt, master of craiglist searching, found a beautiful three foot statue in Brooklyn with a classy two foot base. The rendezvous was set, which was somewhat less classy. We were to meet the guy in the Toys “R” Us parking lot on Flatbush Ave at 3pm. It felt like we were participating in illegal activity, just sitting waiting in the kiddnapper van in a children’s store parking lot with a wad of cash in hand. The Mary guy […]

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PVC Fences Turning Yellow in Arverne By The Sea


Recently on my morning jogs around Arverne By The Sea, I’ve noticed in some areas the bright white PVC fencing is turning yellow. I thought at first it could be from a fertilizer spray or some kind of pesticide. Today I asked a homeowner. The resident explained that part of the sprinkler system now uses well water. The areas affected are those homes closer to Shore Front Parkway. It’s unclear what substance in the well water is causing the reaction. The resident also pointed out that some homes and sidewalks are discolored as well. We’ll update when we […]

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3 Dishes, 2 Hours, 1 Traditional Southern Italian Meal


I was nervous as we approached the door but in true Italian flare, we were welcomed as family.  Mrs. A explained what Susanne and I would be cooking. “I want to start with something easy, I cook dinner for myself every night, it doesn’t have to take a long time.”  We got straight to work after walking in the door of Mrs. Abbracciamento’s Breezy Point home. Mrs A. is the wife of the late Sal Abbracciamento, acclaimed New York City restaurateur. I was sincerely honored to be invited into her home, to […]

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