Plant Sale at the Ridgewood Market

We’re excited to participate at the Ridgewood Market this month, selling our unique potted plants. The planting containers vary – we have up-cycled hand-picked finds, decopage recycled cans and handmade wooden planters from reclaimed barn wood (white pine). Look for Spider plants, Coleus, Pothos Vine, and Kalanchoe. All plants are propagated and homegrown with love and care.

Check out a sample of our merch!

Plants Plants Glorified-Tomato-Ridgewood-Market-1.JPG Plants


Sunday, November 23rd 2014
11 AM to 5 PM! –
Handmade, Artisan, and Vintage Gifts! –
Food, Pastries, Brunch, Alcohol, and Music!!! –

Gottscheer Hall!!
657 Fairview Ave Ridgewood, NY 11385 –