Fran’s “Secret” Brownie Recipe Revealed

I love to watch the cooking shows with chefs who refuse to divulge the “secret” to their recipes. It seems kind of snobby. Most people can usually tell the “mystery” ingredients just by tasting, although the amount can be way off. And what’s so sacred about a secret? We all know what’s in the secret sauce on Big Macs — and billions of people still eat there.

I have been baking brownies for years. I will make trays of them for birthdays, parties,house-warmings, school events or just a dinner.  With incredible modesty, I will say here that the brownies are greeted with oohs and aahs and there are never any left over. People will marvel and ask how I did it. Sometimes I would just smile humbly and other times I pretend to blush. But lately, I have been telling anyone who asks just how I  create the moist, chewy, delicious brownies that will make you very, very happy.  So even if you haven`t asked, here is how it is done and the “secret” is now for all to know.


Brownie Mix

Go to the grocery store and purchase several boxes of brownie mixes. You do not have to show loyalty to one brand, but use name brands, (not store brands-they are inferior.)

The SECRET is variety, (see photo)  By using the different varieties of brownie mixes, you will create the BEST taste and texture.

– Follow the directions on the back of each box exactly as stated.

– Combine all of the stated additives first in A VERY large bowl,( eggs, water and oil).

– When the eggs and liquids are thoroughly whisked, you may add the powdered brownie mix, ONE AT A TIME.

– Put the whisk away now and rely on a long wooden spoon.

– Add each package and mix until you do not see the crumbly dry powder. DO NOT OVER MIX

– Use jelly roll pans 20″ by 12″ will hold 3 boxes of brownie mixed. Grease them with the spray shortening .

– Carefully pour the mixed brownies onto the pan and spread out with a spatula very carefully.

– Cautionary people tell us not to lick the spatula or the bowl, but it is hard to resist. Many years of brownie baking has not killed me yet nor anyone else who happens by the kitchen.

– The next part of the SECRET is to slightly undercook the brownies. After about 25 minutes or so, check on the JIGGLY middle of the mixture.  If there is a lot of jiggle in the middle, cook for a few minutes
more, about 8-10.  This technique takes practice and there were a lot of mistakes along the way.

– The more you bake, the better you will get at this.

– The edges should be firm all around and there should be a gloss to the top of the brownies and some cracks as well. BUT NO JIGGLING.

– Let the brownies cool completely before cutting.  Keep the tray away from pets.  Our Stella, our beagle/
foxhound mix, once ate a medium sized tray of brownies and lived another day, but now that she is diabetic, we are more careful

– Cut them into squares and put on trays.  Wrap completely with clear plastic.  Serve to family, friends and anyone else who drops by.  They will disappear quickly.

So here is the secret to the BEST BROWNIES ever. Use it wisely and very often. Use a variety. Make your own instructions! But remember: Bake them and they will come.


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