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“I love doing surfing wrong.”

Artwork by Ty Williams

By Matt Johnson Everyone has that weird obsession that not many other people grok, and mine is bodysurfing. I’ve been doing it for so long that I don’t even remember learning how, but I spent my summers sliding solo until the day I saw a half-dozen torsoless heads (board surfers have torsos) bobbing well past the end of the groin at 84th Street. I’d finally met my people: the Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Underground. I started to cry, but who could tell, what with the surf breaking over our heads and the […]

Forage For Purslane


Purslane I know a great deal about foraging at this point in my gardening “career.”  But there’s always more to discover. A few weeks back, I learned of a new edible from my friend Melissa Draugsvold. We were at the Beach 91st Community Garden watering our adjacent plots. She pointed out the purslane that popped up between her lettuce crop. Purslane (also known as little hogweed, pigweed, pusley) is an annual in our garden zone 7.  This succulent can grow in sandy soil and resists drought. You’ll see it everywhere if you look […]

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From The Earth And Sea – Holland Avenue Soap Co.

Holland Avenue Soap Rockaway Beach

Nature inspires creativity they say and the peninsula is one of the most diverse ecosystems in New York City. Besides nature’s visual beauty, being outside we enjoy an aromatic sensory experience that is truly calming. Holland Avenue Soap Co. captures the scent and essence of Rockaway’s natural world. I learned about this new small business a few months ago when my friend and fellow Beach 91st Street Community Garden member Mike Benigno mentioned he and his wife Ellen Colwell started making soap as a hobby during the lockdown. Meet Ellen, Leah, […]

Glorified Stuffed Tomatoes

Glorified Stuffed Tomatoes

I often get my food inspiration on-site at the supermarket. I was in Key Food the other day and saw cute, tiny, orange habanero peppers. I thought it would be tasty to stuff them and make a  spicy treat. Admittedly, I also thought the little peppers would look adorable when photographed for instagram (I know, I know). I made a delicious, unconventional breadcrumb filling with garlic and herbs, more an Italian vibe than Spanish inspired. Long story short, as predicted, they looked amazing on my IG account and the likes […]

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Feel Good Macaroni And Cheese

Feel Good Macaroni And Cheese

A few weeks ago I made the most decadent, highest calorie macaroni and cheese dinner I could possibly come up with. Why? Because it was my birthday, I had Covid and it’s a very cold January. I needed comfort… and food. Cheese normally does the trick, no? This meal is creamy and delicious. Make sure to use medium shell macaroni. They hold the cheese well, making every bite perfect. Just as if you were preparing baked ziti, don’t over cook the pasta because it continues to cook in the oven. […]

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Winters Fruit


A couple of weeks ago I took a wreath making workshop with Amy Febinger at the Rockaway Hotel. You may remember I recently wrote about the experience. One of the items to choose from –  to adorn the wreaths – were persimmons. That reminded me of the first time I was introduced to this distinctive winter fruit. It was nine years ago and a bit of an odd circumstance. We were looking for parking outside of St. Gregory’s Church in Belrose. It was my Grandmother Mary’s funeral. My husband and […]

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Doctor It Up With Pepper

Use plenty of pepper for punch (1)

I tried to order Xing Xing the other night. It’s my go-to Chinese place on the peninsula but apparently they’re closed on Mondays. So, I ordered from another place. I’m not going to disclose which restaurant because the food was dreadful. In an effort to salvage my dinner, I added salt and pepper to my veggie chow mein. The pepper cap was loose and I doused it by mistake. It wasn’t looking good, but the fridge was empty so I took a few bites. To my surprise, the egregious amount […]

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Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Soup With Cumin


Fall brings soup to our table. Each week during this season and through the winter, I experiment with different types of soup. Making a large batch for the week goes a long way, especially if you have a busy work week. And worst case, you freeze it for another time. I’m essentially vegetarian these days, so  soup packed with vegetables is a fast n’ easy delicious meal for me. One pot means less mess too. And so, this marks my first soup of the season. I wanted a recipe with […]

Fiori Di Zucca Fritti

Fiori Di Zucca Fritti 2

  A few weeks back I wrote about the mysterious, unknown squash plant that appeared in my front garden.* I want to update everyone. It’s grown exponentially onto the sidewalk and leading up to the house. I’ve discovered only one fruit and it was already rotted, most likely nibbled on by a squirrel. Even with the partial fruit, it was still unidentifiable. Take a look at the picture, if you have any leads, please reach out. Since the plant has not produced fruit, I thought I should use some of […]

Simple Sautéed Mushrooms With Basil


Simple is best in almost every situation. That also applies to cooking.  Minimal ingredients allow you to enjoy each individual flavor and really taste what you’re eating for what it is. I had baby portobello mushrooms in the fridge and I had planned to make stuffed mushrooms but I didn’t have much time last week and I didn’t want to deal with the mess. So, I thought to just sautée the mushrooms in butter. I had basil from the garden on the counter and I garnished with that. The earthy […]

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