Café Du Monde


I was so lucky. It was pouring rain when I headed out for a much needed morning cup of coffee – no line at Café Du Monde! I’m a little embarrassed to say this was my third time in the great city of New Orleans and I’ve never before tried the famous French café – primarily because I have no patience to wait on long lines when I’m hungry or need a cup.

I sat down and looked for a server. “Café au lait with Beignets” I quickly declared. Despite the rain, the seating area was crowded. I waited, enjoying the immense downpour and cafe scent.

Bon appetit! My order arrives and I have a sip, and then a bite of my Beignet. Then a sip again. The coffee flavor was smooth but bitter. The chicory was apparent, making for a nice flavor… but I thought it was a weak cup! Mon dieu! Slightly disappointed and slightly surprised. Perhaps, because of all the hype, I expected a cup like no other, a cup brewed by Soleiman Agha, a cup for the aristocracy. Sigh…

For my Italian friends and family who are unaware (understandably), Beignets are pretty much a fancy French word for the common Zeppole. To my surprise, the Beignets were about 2 times less greasy than Zeppoles and I thought they were out of this word! Hot and fresh with a lot of confectioners sugar, yum.

If you’re in New Orleans you must go to Café Du Monde. The menu is on the napkin holder, FYI. Hopefully it’ll be raining and you can stroll right in.

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