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With the warm weather earlier this week, I’ve been thinking about BBQ non-stop – particularly about the JUMBURGER. My brother-in-law (Jumbo, by nickname) makes a mouth-watering, delicious BBQ hamburger cooked to perfection. This isn’t about nepotism people: I’m serious and honest when it comes to eating.

Jumbo uses fresh-ground chopped meat, chunky peppers and onions, salt n’ pepper and I’m guessing… eggs, ketchup and some kind of hot sauce (he’s a hot and spicy freak). When asked if there is a secret ingredient he states, “nope” but I’m not sure if I totally believe him. The last time I brought it up he had a bizarre smirk on his face. What I do know is one reason they’re so damn good is his cooking technique. I’ve watched him intently several times to learn his procedure. He doesn’t flip the meat a lot, only once maybe twice. Hot off the grill they’re dark and crispy. Inside is a nice medium cooked meat. I think the flames need to be really high (and the grill very hot) so the outside darkens while the inside doesn’t over cook. I think Jumbo should enter the Build a Better Burger competition! Or get a food truck?

The JUMBURGER before and after

Interesting fact: Referring to ground beef as hamburger dates to the invention of the mechanical meat choppers during the 19th century. The meat grinder was purportedly invented by Dr. Karl Drais (thank you Dr. Drais!). It was not until the early 19th century that wood, tin, and pewter cylinders with wooden plunger pushers became common.