Fridge Tales: Fran

Editor’s note: This is the first of our series “Fridge Tales”. What resides on a person’s or family’s refrigerator is a window into their personality, culture and life. Learn more about the Tomato Gals by taking a peak inside our kitchens.

What does your fridge look like? We’re interested in learning more about our readers (that means you!). Please submit your own fridge photos with a description for us share on the blog!

Fran's favorite magnet
My favorite magnet

The Honan fridge is always decorated. When the girls were little, it was adorned with their tests, paintings and other family accomplishments.

The kids have flown the nest so now there’s more space for personal things I like, one of which is inspirational quotes – this is my favorite, “May there always be an angel by your side.”

There are magnets from places we or other family members have visited. Some references to our dog – cute word magnets.  Then there is the funny photo booth pictures from a wedding. It does show a little bit about who we are. I’ve never minded a “messy” fridge, either inside or out. People can get to know you just by the magnets you keep.

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