Fridge Tales: The Gehrhardts

Editor’s note: This is the second in our series “Fridge Tales”. What resides on a person’s or family’s refrigerator is a window into their personality, culture and life. Learn more about the Tomato Gals by taking a peak inside our kitchens.

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The Gehrhardts Fridge

I hadn’t realized our fridge was miniature until my sister-in-law Lisi pointed it out. If you live in a NYC apartment, you most likely have the same mini fridge in order to fit it into your “cozy” apartment.

My fridge is nestled in my galley kitchen which has actually prevented me from keeping much on it. As you walk by, you know inevitably something will be  knocked off. The front has a collection of outdated photos of my friend Alicia’s children (they are too cute!). A magnet Katie got me of the golden girls that says “Thank You for Being a Friend”, which holds up a picture of  dearest friends, Cristina and Dave. We have a magnet of  Tim Goss’ business, for all your mortgage needs. I’m not too sure  what happened, but it looks like a misprint has given him a Hitler like mustache -can’t be good for business. Bill and I have some local business magnets including Marjolaine Bakery and La Bella VIta pizza. If you’re wondering, yes, that is a “man with a mullet magnet”, he has the “mudflap mullet” (courtesy of Mike Reichert).

The Gehrhardts Fridge

The side of our fridge is less crowded. It has a Stewie bottle opener magnet, a magnet of the relator who rented us this apartment (yeah, that was worth a months rent) and a “Save the Date” magnet from Roseanne and Frank. Under the STD magnet is a receipt of wines that we’ve bought from Trader Joe’s, after we drink the wines, we rated them 1-10 so we know which ones we like. Most times we  forget to put the ratings up.

The Gehrhardts Fridge

That’s all from the Gehrhardt fridge!


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