The Basement Challenge – By the Skin of Our Teeth

The night before move in day we were still painting – It was a long night. The floor paint said it would take three hours to dry, we thought all would be ok.

The next morning we walked in and the paint was sticky. After a freak out sesh, we concluded the paint wasn’t drying because of the humidity in the basement. We decided to borrow some air conditioners in a last attempt to dry the floor.

I started to worry – we failed the basement challenge. We would have to stay with Maureen for a few days, with Fiver. He’s been through two moves in six weeks and I knew this temporary stay at my mother-in-laws would add to his anxiety.

Later in the afternoon we get a call from the management at our sublet, we were not allowed to move over the holiday weekend. We had until Tuesday to move out! Talk about luck!!!

In light of our extension, I’m considering the basement challenge a draw – we made it by the skin of our teeth.. and good luck.

Here are before and after photos. We’re still working on lighting so the shots are a bit grainy.


basement window




basement bed


We have a few odds and ends to finish, but all and all, I’m happy with the outcome. I can’t believe how this space transformed over 14 days. Now if only we had a working shower…