Meddle Juice: Music And Performative Garden Escapades

I didn’t know what Meddle Juice was when I first heard about it through the Rockaway internet grapevine this past winter. All I knew was that I needed to show up at this newish venue called the Rose Den on Beach 116th Street – on a Monday night. And so I did. And so it all became clear. Meddle Juice was the secret ingredient to creative survival I needed to immerse my senses in, to sustain my being through the cold, lingering Rockaway winter.

Jello Art Paula DiGioia

To keep the beat flourishing, Meddle Juice creator, Justin Bozza, is producing a summer series of Secret Garden Shows in Rockaway. I’m excited to say, I’m collaborating with mastermind Justin, artist m i c c a, Videographer Robert Carnevale, and Community Organizer, Rachel Krieger-Garone on this project.

Each event will showcase different musicians, artists, and performers in three different locations. And each gathering will offer nourishment and beverages.

Tini Vessel.

The concept of the Meddle Juice Secret Garden Shows and all the exhibitions Jusin Bozza and m i c c a create is an idea I feel strongly about. They strive to cultivate a community ethos that recognizes artists, musicians, performers, and creators as individuals who can freely express themselves, entertain, contribute art, and rightfully expect compensation for their creative talents.

The first show is on June 9, 3 7 p.m. in Rockaway Beach. Here’s what to expect:

The music of Tini Vessel (@tinivesselmusic) is ethereal, maybe delicate. With an undercurrent of darkness in melodic echoes. Rockaway inhabitant, Singer, and Composer Christina Bowers, has two new singles available, find them on Spotify and fall in love.

Electronic artist Lace Card (@lace_card) will tromp us through abject and ecstatic zones of listening. Lace Card sculpts sound landscapes out of raw energy, weaving together beats and sound to construct an ocean of vibrations.

Johnny Butler is a Brooklyn-based saxophone player and a Grammy-award-winning musician and arranger for his work on Beyoncé’s “Love on Top (among other accolades). His sound reminds you of  “A renaissance court jester, groveling before the queen.” Butler performs on June 9 and will be combined with movement and dance. More:

Food energy provided by Kim Kimchee (@kimkimchi.legacy) -tangy, spicy, and umami-packed flavors for your bodily enjoyment and a sensory eating encounter. Enjoy specialty cocktails and other liquid potions by m i c c a and friends.

There will be jello…

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