Painted Ladies, Sea Lions, Seafood…

The tomato arrives in San Fran… and we’re feeling good!

[rating: 2]

Fisherman’s Wharf  / Neptune’s Palace Seafood Restaurant
I’m pumped, heading to The Wharf. The weather is perfect for food touring. I’m walking on the boardwalk looking for my next eat! I pass several chain restaurants (boring) and the famous In-N-Out Burger (tempting). I spot seafood stands, seafood and steak houses, art-deco inspired diner joints, and the fish market! I’m liking the vibe especially when I pass the Sea Lions sunbathing on the docks near Peer 39 – so cute! After snapping many unnecessary Sea Lion photos, I walk through the fish market and take it all in. The path is narrow. It’s loud and busy – the fish must be good. As eager as I am, I hold off and decide to dine at a fancy seafood restaurant on Peer 39 – Neptune’s Palace Seafood Restaurant.

There’s a 30 minute wait for a table overlooking the water… and Alcatraz. I sit at the bar and order The Proud Mary, a delicious vodka bloody mary with string beans, olives, lemon/lime and 2 cajun prawns! It was strong and spicy served in a tall 12oz glass. I’m thinking if the food is as tasty as the Proud Mary, I’m in for a pacific feast.

At the table I’m enjoying the eerie view of Alcatraz while reading the menu. My Production Coordinator, Melissa was intent on ordering Oysters. I haven’t had them in god knows how long, I don’t even remember if I like Oysters – for this reason I decide to give it a go. For my main course I try the Sesame Crusted Ahi – seared rare with shiitake mushroom risotto and a side of roasted vegetables. I was pretty much starving at this point.

The Oysters arrive with 3 sauces (tarter, vinegar parsley, and cocktail). I tried the vinegar sauce with parsley first. I loosen the sucker up and shoot’m  down. Amazing, I love Oysters!  Icy cold, fresh and the sauce variety was fun, So exciting. On to the next…

Although a beautiful visual presentation, the Ahi was mediocre – slightly overcooked, with bland sauce. The rice medley was acceptable and the veggies were drenched in butter lacking  flavor.

I tried Melissa’s soup for the hell of it – Seafood Bisque with a splash of cherry.  It was terrible.  It tasted like Chef Boyardee. Very disappointed.

The 2 items I enjoyed, one being raw (the Oysters) and the other made by the bartender, leaves me to believe the chef sucks at Neptune’s. The service was nothing special and I felt a bit rushed. With dreadful food and rushed service, Neptune’s is far from a seafood palace. 2 non-glorifed  tomatoes. I should’ve eaten at the fish market.


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