Apple Pie – The Douglas Orchard

Douglas Orchards VT

The Vermont – New York Crossing is a short drive from Roger’s Rock, our favorite Lake George campground. We go just about every year, but we’d never ventured into Vermont. This time, we decided to make the journey. The ferry ride is 7 minutes across beautiful Lake Champlain. You drive your car onto the ferry, which is basically a concrete slab suspended by cables that run across the lake. You can get out of the car , walk around on the deck and take pictures. You can also buy maple syrup from Vermont. Oddly, the second you reach the Vermont side, the landscape is different, it doesn’t “feel” like New York anymore.

After driving through beautiful farmland for a few miles, we saw a sign  for the Douglas Orchard.We stopped and ended up picking more apples than we knew what to do with. Luckily in the country store we found recipes for apple crisp, apple sauce and apple pie. The clerk said they were fantastic – they’re his wife’s recipes!

Douglas Orchards VTDouglas Orchard VT

We talked with the clerk about the history of the orchard. We were surprised and pleased to hear the Douglas Orchard is a family-owned business, open for over 100 years.

History Douglas Orchard

Douglas Orchard History

Douglas Orchard VT

I had to try the apple pie recipe. Believe it or not this would be my first time making it. All said and done, the crust was a little salty. I don’t know how that happened but considering we ate the whole pie in two days, I view it as a success! The recipes are below, give them a try.

Apple from Douglas Orchards VT

Douglas Orchards VT

Apple Recipes

Apple Recipe