grams of the week – Aug 8

Here’s a recap of the best instagrams of last week. If you want the day to day follow me here!


The milkweed in my garden is in bloom. I’m just waiting for the Monarchs to come through – they will be delighted.


I got my nails did for Eric and Shannon’s wedding (congrats guys!). I love having my toes painted but always regret getting my finger nails done. It chips the next day! I tried that gel stuff years ago but it made my nails terribly weak – never again! Anyway, I though it was weird that people test colors on the wall and the establishment is ok with it.


We hung out on Nick’s Porch this weekend (Happy Birthday Nick!) He has a great large half wrap porch. There’s something really awesome about Arverne – the bayside has many more birds, It’s underdeveloped with so much potential and It’s quiet. If I bought another house that’s where I would look. Downside, the mosquitoes.


The best news of the week! We found a home for Bella – Christine (from Gottscheer Hall) and her daughter Lorraine adopted her. I’m getting facebook updates from them and Bella is adjusting very well. I’m so happy!

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