Heat Wave Tip: Coffee Ice Cubes

Iced Coffee

We’re in the middle of our fourth heat wave of the summer here in NYC, and for me, that means I drink a lot of iced coffee. Like, a lot a lot. And that stuff can be expensive, even at my beloved coffee carts, for reasons that are explained here.

I decided during our 2nd heat wave that I’d try to make my iced coffee at home, saving money at least in the morning (I’d still spend $4 on a New Orleans iced coffee at Blue Bottle in 30 Rock, of course.)

Since I was making it at home, I thought I’d make it right. There are few things worse than watered-down iced coffee. I usually end up drinky the watery mix, which is disgusting. So, inspired by what I’d seen at Baruirs in Sunnyside, I thought I’d freeze the stuff I liked to drink.

This is hard because I rarely have leftover coffee. Just like the gross watered-down iced coffee mixture, if something’s in front of me, I don’t let it go to waste. So it’s taken much willpower to make coffee in my French press and not drink it. But oh, how it’s been worth it. I make two trays of the ice cubes at the beginning of the week, which usually lasts me a couple days. In the morning, I fill up my to-go cup (purchased at Home Goods, my favorite store) and enjoy the same strong coffee throughout my commute, without any of that watered-down garbage.

It’s made me feel like an adult. You should try it.

Iced Coffee

– Brew coffee. You can do this any way you’d like, but I’d suggest making it a bit stronger than you usually would. Then it’ll be like little boosts as they melt.

– Wait for the coffee to cool down, or don’t. It doesn’t really matter I don’t think.

– Pour the coffee into the ice cube trays. I have regular trays, but you may have really cute trays that give star-shaped or heart cubes. Whatever. It doesn’t matter what shape. Use what you have.

– Go to sleep. Wake up, and make iced coffee with the cubes.

Iced Coffee