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Warm And Tangy Tuscan Hummus

Warm And Tangy Tuscan Hummus

“In Tuscany, white beans are more than just ‘the poor man’s meat’; they’re a whole way of life. – Lori Zimring De Mori, – Saveur You think Italian food, you think pasta. But us paisans know that beans are just as traditionally significant in the old country. Rome early 1500’s – enter beans by way of import from the new world. Italians took to the taste, incorporating the legume into their everyday meals. Some included, beans and escarole, minestrone, beans and gravy, pasta e fagioli, sauteed cannellini with sage drizzled […]

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Edgemere Farm Dinner – not to be missed

Edgemere Farm Far Rockaway 3

Located on 385 Beach 45th St. in Far Rockaway, the Edgemere Farm is a market garden for new and experienced farmers. Many local business such as Goody’s, Uma’s and Claudette’s have plots here, growing their produce locally. I’ve been hearing great things about the dinner nights at the Edgemere Farm. We ordered tickets and finally visited last Thursday. The first thing I said after walking in was “Why is this the first time I’ve come all summer?” We checked in and found a table. They go fast, so come early. To save […]

The “FANUK” Mystery Solved

Fanuk Fennel

Part 2: “Old School Foods” Editor’s Note: Italians are so food-obsessed that even their insults and racial slurs are food-related. Cucuzza, mulignan, and unfortunately, “fanuk”. To be clear, this article is only about the actual food and there is no Italian food double-speak involved. Fennel and anise always caused confusion in my family. Similar flavors yes, but not the same thing. I’m sure this mix-up happened back in the day when my great-grandparents started speaking broken (Brooklyn) English, instead of their native Italian. If that’s not bad enough, I have […]

“The Epicenter of Professionally Hung Christmas Lights”

Dyker Heights Brooklyn Christmas

The Italian-American neighborhood of Dyker Heights is famously known for its elaborate Christmas light displays.  I’ve never been, and I LOVE the Christmas season, so for me this was a no-brainer: I dragged my husband (and rent-a-husband / bro-in-law) with me after the Walsh Christmas party last Saturday. “It’s on the way,” I said, with my eyes glazed over with Christmas “cheer”. Obviously, in the car, I insisted we put on the 24/7 Christmas music station. We arrived and the streets were packed with families, tourists with big cameras, multiple Elmos, Frosty, Santa, and […]

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Sicilian Pasta Piselli Recipe


I am so very pleased to have this wonderful opportunity to share with you a recipe that my mother handed down to me. My maternal grandparents came here from Palermo, Sicily in the early 1900’s. They brought with them many typical Sicilian recipes that became family favorites that my family is still enjoying today. This particular dish called Pasta Piselli is my life saver dish. It’s my go-to dish when I’m running late or I have nothing planned to make for dinner, or if I get an expected guest for […]