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Olives, a Dilapidated Park and My 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a decade, and on top of that, we’ve known each other for 18 years. Gosh, we were just kids! It was my sophomore year in college at Pratt when my friend Susie suggested we go to Rockaway to see her friend’s band, A Hundred Thousand play at Patrick’s on Beach 113th. Matt was on drums. There’s a video of this night floating around somewhere, believe it or not! Fast forward to 2009. I […]

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st. florence watching over the cocktail hour


My sister made this amazing collage of my mother placidly watching over the food at our wedding, 4 years ago today. It’s surreal and awesome!

Nicole’s bridal Shower Wine Basket

Bridal Shower Wine Basket

Tomato reader Nicole, from San Jose California shared with us her Bridal Shower Wine Basket photos.  She came across our post “For the Newlyweds Who Love Wine – Bridal Shower Gift” and used it as inspiration for her own beautiful gift basket (pictured above). Nicole took it one step further adding wine glasses with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” painted on. I asked Nicole how she made the glasses… I used a Sharpie paint pen (medium tip), typed out the letters on the computer in the  font and size that I wanted, and […]

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Sandwiches and Cream Puffs: A “Football” Wedding

photo 2

Last year, our oldest daughter, Roseanne, was married and had a lovely reception in a catering hall that did all the work and just asked us to pay. Easy job, and common nowadays. When my parents got married, over six decades ago, things weren’t so easy (or so fancy.) I was reminded of this by finding my parents old wedding album, deep in the back of my bedroom closet. It was about 20″by 18″ and made of a white silk. The pictures on the inside are 8″by 10″ black and […]

“P” Wine Glass – The Glorified Goblet

"P" Wine Glass

My friend Jackie is an awesome gift giver. A few years back for my birthday, she handed me a tupperware of homemade french onion soup, grated gruyere cheese, and a loaf of french bread. Seriously thoughtful gift for a food lover. As you may know from my wine basket post, I was asked to be in Jackie’s bridal party – her wedding was this past weekend – the weather was 85 and clear, the vineyard was gorgeous and the food was out of this world. We had a blast! Each guest […]

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