The Many Uses of Coconut Oil


When did coconut oil become so popular? My jar ran out after a long three months and I realize now how much I use it.

Besides cooking delicious Indian foods, or using it in place of butter and shortening, coconut oil has so many other uses.

First the obvious. Raw organic coconut oil is wonderful as a skin care product. A 16 oz. jar is around $5.00. Using the oil as a moisturizer is less expensive than buying those fancy over-marketed creams and lotions, which often use coconut oil as the base ingredient anyway. Take it a step further and mix coconut oil with peppermint, tea tree, or rosemary. Apply it to your skin and you’ll ward off mosquitoes! If you have dry skin, use coconut oil on your face in small amounts. Add vitamins C, a collagen producing anti-aging vitamin, and you’re all set.

Recently, I learned coconut oil is perfect for removing eye makeup. I ran out of my cleansing wipes and randomly remembered my mother used cold cream back in the day. Since that’s made mostly of fats, I thought coconut oil (99% fat) would have a similar effect, and it did. I always wear makeup (you can take the girl out of long Island, but…) so this new discovery – a one stop shop skin care regiment is totally appealing.

Coconut oil and your hair – use it to combat a frizzy bad hair day.  The oil is also a detangler and if you have dandruff, rub it on your scalp. If you have dry hair, coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioner… slather it on!! Dudes – if you’re going for the “Kenickie” greaser vibe, look no further than a jar of coconut oil. That totally hot style should really come back.

Coconut oil smells good and it can clog pores if liberally applied. Yes, I’m talking about using it as deodorant. Maybe this is why everyone in Rockaway smells so summery and beachy? Coconut oil has antibacterial properties which protect against odor-causing bacteria. If you’re going to CROM for a morning workout you may need something stronger, but if it’s a day laying on the beach or a bike ride to Low-Tide bar, you’ll be coconut fresh!

For centuries in tropical countries around the Pacific Rim and Asian the oil has been used for all the above I mentioned (maybe not deodorant?) as well many medicinal uses, for cooking and the coconut shell fibers were woven into baskets and used for clothing. So actually, the popularity of coconut oil isn’t a new thing at all, but rather a rediscovery.


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