“P” Wine Glass – The Glorified Goblet

"P" Wine Glass

My friend Jackie is an awesome gift giver. A few years back for my birthday, she handed me a tupperware of homemade french onion soup, grated gruyere cheese, and a loaf of french bread. Seriously thoughtful gift for a food lover.

As you may know from my wine basket post, I was asked to be in Jackie’s bridal party – her wedding was this past weekend – the weather was 85 and clear, the vineyard was gorgeous and the food was out of this world. We had a blast!


Each guest got their own dessert sampler plate – if you didn’t guess, Jackie and Rich are Italian.

As a thank you for  being her bridesmaid, I was given a beautiful basket filled with many items. Relating to food, I received an adorable apron and matching oven mitt, wine (of course), and most impressive, a funky “P” wine glass.

I had broke my original “P” glass a while back – to much wine. Mamma Maria gave it to me for my 30th and I was pretty bummed for awhile that I carelessly broke it. Jackie knew of this and thought to replace my goblet. Coincidentally the glass matches a new bathing suit I just bought! I CAN NOT wait to prance around the roof deck with my new “P” wine glass and matching bathing outfit. Thanks again Jackie!!

Me wearing apron!

Adorable apron that matches my kitchen!

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