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The Mustachioed Little Man

Bialetti Moka Express

The Bialetti mascot with his index finger held up as if ordering an espresso. In Italian he is called l’omino con i baffi – “the mustachioed little man.” The mascot is a caricature of Alfonso’s son, Renato Bialetti by Illustrator Paolo “Paul” Campani. Source Wikipedia A friend broke my red Cuisinart drip coffee pot several months back! I started using a spare pot I had that I don’t like… actually I hate it. Yup, it is possible to hate a coffee machine. All this time I was trying to figure […]

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cafe and wine bar coming to ridgewood!

Walking to the subway, I passed the old sign on Cypress and Stanhope and decided to take a picture, but I also noticed there were dudes inside the place. These dudes appeared to be building something. “Dudes”, I said, “Are you building something?” They told me about the plans for the Cypress Inn, cafe by day, wine bar by night. Paula is going to find out more from the owner Vinny, but in the meantime, I thought you guys would be happy to learn that we’ll be getting a new […]

Heat Wave Tip: Coffee Ice Cubes

Iced Coffee

We’re in the middle of our fourth heat wave of the summer here in NYC, and for me, that means I drink a lot of iced coffee. Like, a lot a lot. And that stuff can be expensive, even at my beloved coffee carts, for reasons that are explained here. I decided during our 2nd heat wave that I’d try to make my iced coffee at home, saving money at least in the morning (I’d still spend $4 on a New Orleans iced coffee at Blue Bottle in 30 Rock, […]

Café Du Monde

Café au lait with Beignets

[rating:3.5] I was so lucky. It was pouring rain when I headed out for a much needed morning cup of coffee – no line at Café Du Monde! I’m a little embarrassed to say this was my third time in the great city of New Orleans and I’ve never before tried the famous French café – primarily because I have no patience to wait on long lines when I’m hungry or need a cup. I sat down and looked for a server. “Café au lait with Beignets” I quickly declared. […]

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The Coca Leaf


[rating: 4] I’m walking up a steep hill in Aguas Calientes, Peru. I stop to catch my breath, turn my head and there it is… a Peruvian food market. I heard the Incan gods calling me to enter. I immediately grab my sister and run in the door. There’s numerous meat and vegetable stalls – I’m overwhelmed. After surveying the whole market with jubilation, I decide to make a purchase – Coca Leaves. My Spanish is horrible but I manage to communicate and bargain a whole bag for 1 soles. […]

Two Guineas, One Vision….

Picture 6

The Story Behind the Tomato. It started over a cup of coffee and some biscotti – a Sunday afternoon (a little over a year ago). Katie and I were eating/chatting at my kitchen table when the subject came up… God, we know so much about food, restaurants/deli’s, where to buy the best cut of eye-round, etc. – we should share our knowledge with others so they too can indulge in “the best of the best” food and beverage wise. We felt a blog would be the appropriate forum to do […]