The Best Veggie Sandwich in Rockaway Beach


Matt invented a special sandwich and the only place you can get it is from our corner bodega – 91st and the blvd. We started ordering from Rockaway Express three years ago when we began the renovation – we didn’t have a kitchen. We call the sandwich The Veggie – American cheese, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions with mayo, salt/pepper on a roll.

A few weeks ago I was going there to get egg sandwiches and Matt said  “Get me The Veggie with eggs on it.” My mind was blown – brilliant.


Let me just tell you this is the best no frills veggie sandwiches I’ve ever had. It’s simple but delicious.  And guess what? It’s only 4 dollars.

A few things you should know…

— This is in fact the bodega that the crate sitting Trump supporter loiters by. The guy who claims he’s moving to Europe if Hillary gets into office. Don’t let this scare you! He’s not affiliated with the bodega owner or The Veggie sandwich.

— The best sandwiches are made by the big guy with the beard. Often he wears his hat backwards. He packs on the cheese. Big guys know how to eat right, right?

—  We ask for The Veggie and they know what to make for us. I would ask for The Veggie but also tell them the ingredients. They may be caught of guard because you are not me ordering the sandwich.

— Tip them – these guys work really hard and the sandwiches are reasonably priced. Be good to the local shopkeepers and they will be good to you, i.e. – give you extra cheese.

Please go try Matt’s invention sandwich and let us know what you think?!




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