Garden Update #6


We have so much basil – I really need to start making pesto with this! It’s harvest season.


Rat ate our Tomato
We have a rat munching on our tomatoes (not cool). It makes perfect sense, since Ridgewood has been overrun by them this year. My theory is that our intruder scales the climbing vines on our building and makes his (or her) way up to the RD for a midnight snack. Considering I rarely see squirrels on our block, I’m 90% sure it’s a rat.  Urban gardening is not easy, gosh!  We have a new crop of tomatoes growing now and I’m hoping our rat has moved on to greener pastures. We’ll keep you in the loop on the matter…

Italian Peppers

The vegetable doing best this year, by far is the Italian peppers. Every time I look there’s a new pepper for picking! Our rat visitor doesn’t like peppers for whatever reason, phew!