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Grams of the Week – Sept 12

Here’s a recap of the best instagrams of last week. If you want the day to day follow me here! I’ve been hanging out on the beach late afternoon, just watching the surfers. My Father found this cement planter curbside! This is one of two – each are on the ends of the brick steps. Fivey and Lil Left – sharing is caring. My friends Lorie and Stefanelli came over this weekend – good times! I never mind when they park the Mercedes in my driveway!

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grams of the week – aug 24


Here’s a recap of the best instagrams of last week. If you want the day to day follow me here! I went to Beach Sessions this past Saturday, really cool stuff happening with this group. Learn more about it here.  P.S. that’s the drummer from Deerhoof – Greg Saunier. I made eggplant parm from an eggplant Maureen grew in her garden! Homegrown in Rockaway! Also, why am I not making this at least once a month? This photo was taken around beach 17th. I’m trying to bike as much as possible. It’s […]

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Grams of the Week – June 27

GT 4

Here’s a recap of the best instagrams this week. If you want the day to day follow me here! Summer is here! Started off Saturday morning at the 91st street community garden. We planted herbs with SmallWater. They hang on the fence in upcycled containers for anyone in the community to take and cook with! Dolly Parton live at Forest Hills Stadium could have been the best show I’ve ever seen. She was incredible. here’s a great review of the show. And I will leave you with cuddling cats!

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14 foot bird feeder


The Serviceberry has arrived. Props to our neighbor Paul for helping us get this 500 lb tree of the truck. Our other florals were also delivered, more to come on that but for now take a look at this…

Inaugural Poseidon’s Parade – Spectacular Success


As the parade approached the 97th street stretch of the new boardwalk, I immediately thought, “This is like a New Orleans second line!” The Poseidon’s Parade was a block party in motion. The parader’s merged with the spectators and everyone just started dancing. The old and the young and everyone in between partied in celebration of Rockaway and the end of an awesome summer! Congratulations to the organizers (the Rockaway Mermaid Brigade) for their hard work in creating a truly special community event. I have know doubt that the Poseidon’s Parade will become a longstanding Rockaway tradition.   The creativity […]

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plants growing in strange places


In the mornings, I like to stroll around the front and backyard looking at the garden. Well, it’s more like over-grown weeds with random flowers intermixed. I’ve been busy with house projects so the garden has been left to run wild.  Matt makes fun of me saying, “You look insane watering those weeds!” The other morning while sipping my coffee I spotted this agastache plant growning out of a crack in the house. My friend John gave us some agastache a while back. When we moved from Ridgewood, we dismantled the roof deck and the agastache came […]

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My basil leaves a lot to be desired


Here it is, past the July 4th weekend and this is what my basil plants look like (above).  Last year I was so proud that I had a red grape tomato one day after my Italian friend in Brooklyn had his first one.  This year my basil leaves a lot to be desired. My friend Fran, has a jungle of basil growing in her yard.  My sister, Brenda, has it coming out of the cracks in her deck, so it isn’t the cold Spring or lack of sunshine here in […]

There are many ways to enjoy Rockaway….

phil goldfeder

Extraordinary, no other commentary necessary. image via @YPGoldfeder

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The Pay Off – Rockaway Beach

This is why we deal with the commute and the harsh winters, and all the other bullshit!

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Tip for a better blooming lilac bush


Okay, now that your lilac bush has finished blooming and you have all these dead flower heads, what do you do? To encourage even more flowers next Spring, pinch off the dead head at the base, as shown. Next year instead of one flower on that stem, you’ll get two. Try it! And of course, you’ll be putting those dead flower heads in your compost pile to add organic matter to your soil.

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