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Forage For Purslane


Purslane I know a great deal about foraging at this point in my gardening “career.”  But there’s always more to discover. A few weeks back, I learned of a new edible from my friend Melissa Draugsvold. We were at the Beach 91st Community Garden watering our adjacent plots. She pointed out the purslane that popped up between her lettuce crop. Purslane (also known as little hogweed, pigweed, pusley) is an annual in our garden zone 7.  This succulent can grow in sandy soil and resists drought. You’ll see it everywhere if you look […]

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Serviceberry Cooler With Lemon And Mint

serviceberry cooler with lemon

Every summer I end up snacking on my serviceberry trees while I’m doing garden work. This year, I wanted to use the fruit in a proper way. I got out the ladder and harvested as many as I could. I left the berries on the very high branches. Partly for the birds and partly out of laziness.  I gathered 9 cups! And there are still more on my tree in the front garden. Use a scissor to clip the berry clusters  I decided to make juice. I muddled the berries […]

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Roasted Cabbage with Parmesan, Walnuts, and Anchovies


I was a bit skeptical when I saw the word “anchovies” hit my inbox from NY Times Cooking. But this is one of the few newsletters I actually read and trust… so I clicked. What interested me about this recipe was the cabbage and parmesan – it’s an unlikely combination. Also, cabbage has basically zero calories. I thought this would be a healthy, unique one to try. These days, I flip flop from pescatarian to vegetarian. For this reason, I don’t make bolognese. My secret though –  to get that […]

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Banana Walnut Bread

Banana Walnut Bread

I’m a big banana person. The mild taste with a hit of honey rum flavor is so, so good. The soft texture is unlike most fruit –  pretty unique when you think about it. They’re easy to eat, which makes them a great, healthy grab-and-go snack. Bananas are a good source of fiber, vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, folate, and potassium. And they’re only about 105 calories and quite filling. Last week I had a craving for banana bread. I haven’t made this in a long while but you know… […]

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Stuffed Artichokes… To Die For

Use your fingers to separate the leaves and get the breadcrumb in each layer

I spotted the most beautiful artichokes in Trader Joe’s. They were large and barely had browning. I had to buy them. I was so excited about this find, I actually called my mother from the crowded store to share my enthusiasm. She’d get it. Her first words were, “HOW MUCH ARE THEY??,” “$2.59 each,” I said. She grumbled, “That’s high, but for this time of the year it’s ok, get them.” I wasn’t asking for permission but I appreciated her blessing. I’ve written before about artichokes on my blog but […]

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Ways To Cook With Lentils

Lentil Salad

  Last week my friend Olga generously gave me a bag filled with superfoods –  several types of raw nuts, seeds, chia, hemp, grains, wheat flour and lentils. I was very grateful to be the recipient of this bounty and promised to make beautiful meals with my gifts.  My father taught me how to make lentil soup as a kid and the recipe is a family staple. Sometimes I modify that recipe, spicing it with curry, turmeric and ginger for an Indian flare. I thought I’d use the legumes first, […]

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Glorified Stuffed Tomatoes

Glorified Stuffed Tomatoes

I often get my food inspiration on-site at the supermarket. I was in Key Food the other day and saw cute, tiny, orange habanero peppers. I thought it would be tasty to stuff them and make a  spicy treat. Admittedly, I also thought the little peppers would look adorable when photographed for instagram (I know, I know). I made a delicious, unconventional breadcrumb filling with garlic and herbs, more an Italian vibe than Spanish inspired. Long story short, as predicted, they looked amazing on my IG account and the likes […]

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Feel Good Macaroni And Cheese

Feel Good Macaroni And Cheese

A few weeks ago I made the most decadent, highest calorie macaroni and cheese dinner I could possibly come up with. Why? Because it was my birthday, I had Covid and it’s a very cold January. I needed comfort… and food. Cheese normally does the trick, no? This meal is creamy and delicious. Make sure to use medium shell macaroni. They hold the cheese well, making every bite perfect. Just as if you were preparing baked ziti, don’t over cook the pasta because it continues to cook in the oven. […]

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Homemade French Fries

french fries 1

My 10-year-old goddaughter for Christmas gifted me red serving baskets with adorable checkered liners. She knows red is my color and the theme of my kitchen decor. She’s so thoughtful! The baskets are the ones you’d see at a drive-in movie or old-school diner. I wanted to make food fitting for their use. Hamburgers, hotdogs, or French fries would work well. I went with my favorite out of the three, French fries. I realized after looking up a few recipes that I’ve never made fries correctly. I learned you’re supposed […]

Herb Buttered Garlic Bread

herb garlic bread 1

I worked at Marzullo’s Bakery on Long Island when I was 16 years old. Marzullo was one of those tough Italian types. I felt intimidated by him at that young age. But I respected him and learned a lot from Tony. He was an incredible cook and baker. Sometimes he’d make us lunch in the back kitchen. I’ll never forget this linguine with clam sauce. It was absolutely, perfectly delicious. Other times Tony insisted that I test out foods and pastries he was experimenting with. You just didn’t say no […]

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