The Nature Walk – It’s Fall

It’s fall here in Rockaway and things are quiet. I’ve been walking more instead of biking – the wind while biking is pretty darn cold. Here are some shots I’ve taken during my daily wanders…

gnome or saint?

Friar’s habit and Franciscan cords, looks like San Francesco to me!


What is this about? Well, regardless it looks cool.

Garbage Find

Another person’s trash…! I found this on 97th and the beach block. I think I’ll make a planter out of it.

Beach Pine

The organic shapes created by beach pine are unbeatable. This Christmas season, I want to make an advent wreath with the pine cones from this tree.

Rockaway Beach

Walking on the beach in the fall is so calming,  I try to make it down everyday.

Nature Walk Feature – location, Rockaway, Queens. I’ll post everything from a beach critter I find on the sand to the tomatoes growing in my backyard. “The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.” — Natalie Angier




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