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Tin Foil Sailing

Sailing a tin foil boat in Rockaway Queens

My sister Maria and I were creative kids. I know everyone says they were too, but we were really out there. We didn’t need toys to play with – gosh, the thought of having an ipad would be unworldly to us. When we did receive a new toy, it wouldn’t last a week. It’s hair would be chopped off or the board game pieces would be sacrificed for a secret time capsule burial ceremony in the backyard (just two examples off the top of my head). I recall playing “tent world” – making a massive tent structure […]

Signing off… for the RD


We’ve had a hell of a time throughout the years on the roof deck. Thanks to all our friends and family who made them so memorable. Gokce’s going away party. Drawing art party, we created some great work that day. Photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist) Listening to The Hold Steady –  Live from Gothamist House recording. (thanks Jen!) Photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist) My friend Jackie introduced me to the band Live one weekend when I was visiting her at college in New Paltz. I became a fan then and still am. I’ve seen Live in concert […]

Nicole’s bridal Shower Wine Basket

Bridal Shower Wine Basket

Tomato reader Nicole, from San Jose California shared with us her Bridal Shower Wine Basket photos.  She came across our post “For the Newlyweds Who Love Wine – Bridal Shower Gift” and used it as inspiration for her own beautiful gift basket (pictured above). Nicole took it one step further adding wine glasses with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” painted on. I asked Nicole how she made the glasses… I used a Sharpie paint pen (medium tip), typed out the letters on the computer in the  font and size that I wanted, and […]

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crack an egg on your head


I was reading a Gothamist post about frying eggs in the sun at Death Valley National Park when I got a flash back of playing “Crack an egg on your head”. I couldn’t remember much else except it made you get the chills and in grammar school we played it over and over at  lunch, when it rained and we had to sit in the gym waiting for our turn to play dodgeball. I googled and found all of the lyrics for this children’s game. Of particular interest is the […]

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Fridge Tales: Fran

Ferry schedule from The Wave

Editor’s note: This is the first of our series “Fridge Tales”. What resides on a person’s or family’s refrigerator is a window into their personality, culture and life. Learn more about the Tomato Gals by taking a peak inside our kitchens. What does your fridge look like? We’re interested in learning more about our readers (that means you!). Please submit your own fridge photos with a description for us share on the blog! My favorite magnet The Honan fridge is always decorated. When the girls were little, it was adorned with […]

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Rockaway St. Paddy’s Day

The Tomato Gals!

Editors Note: The McDonalds bag pictured above contained only Shamrock Shakes. After Hurricane Sandy, this year’s Rockaway St. Paddy’s felt extra special. There were larger crowds, and extra cheer surrounding the parade. As always, 11am we started out at the Honan’s house where Fran hosted breakfast, complete with Irish coffee, shamrock shakes, green mimosas, homemade biscotti, green bagels, and Fran’s  famous brownies. We  filled up on the goodies, chatted and anticipated the parade. Around 12:45 we assembled on the porch for the group photo – a 15 year Honan Family tradition. Everyone grabbed a roadie […]

Best Of 2012: Instagram


We’re ringing in the New Year with a few “Best Of 2012” posts. First up, the best of Instagram. If your not following already and would like too, find The Tomato feed here! (In no particular order) Taken in Ridgewood, Queens. Spotted this “doll” in NYC From my kitchen RD drawing party w/ quarcnyc  Passed this vintage stove many times on Cypress Ave. If only I had a second kitchen… Picked these in late August at my Mother-in-Law’s home in Rockaway. Tasted so sweet! Taken at St Brigids – one of the many […]

Ambrosia: Food for the Gods (and the DiGioias)

Grandma Pauline dressed to impress!

This is the first of our 5 part feature “Old School Foods”.  We want to explore nostalgic and forgotten foods – meals that mean something to us. For many who love food, you know food is a connection to so many memories and milestones in life. For many reasons ambrosia falls under this category. First off, it dates back to ancient Greek mythology: In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia (Greek: ἀμβροσία) is sometimes the food or drink of the Greek gods (or demigods), often depicted as conferring ageless immortality upon whomever consumed […]

A trip to Spain with my ROMEO


ROMEO is a terminology I learned from my long time friend, Mike Honan. Mike coined the term ROMEO to refer to “Retired Old Men Eating Out” (note: that may be a completely false statement that he coined it, but I am going to give him the credit anyways). I always get the term mixed up and say its “Really Old Men Eating Out”. In the latter interpretation, my father Jerry has been doing that for years! I bring up the ROMEO terminology now, because my dad has retired. Part of […]

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A little note about Sandy (that bitch).


I had a great post about apple pie in the queue for today but it didn’t feel right sending it out. So many of our friends and family live in Breezy Point and Rockaway – it’s been a difficult, sad, strange week. Having said that, the folks on the peninsula are positive people – who love their community. I was in Rockaway today helping my husband’s parents clean out their basement. I heard joking and laughing on the streets, I saw people working hard, shoveling and moving debris. Others were […]