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Four weeks ago my neighbor found kittens on his job site. I was shocked to see how young they were. Without much thought, I offered to care for them. The first day we lost the weaker of the two. It was devastating. That same day, I was involved with a rescue of an injured female cat in the Beach 91st Street Community Garden. My neighbor Todd and I found the young cat and brought her to Rockaway Beach Veterinary Services (92-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd). The cat, Lil Smoke, had severe […]

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who doesn’t love lasagna?


Garfield is notorious for loving lasagna. I can’t believe I haven’t posted on this yet – cats and pasta…! image source The Huffington Post has an article on Garfield and why he LOVES lasagna… “Like Garfield, Davis is a fan of lasagne. “Yeah, I love lasagne. I thought it would be funny to have a cat who likes lasagne but as it turns out, I hear from people all the time that their cats love lasagna.” I agree with creator Jim Davis, the comic strips are the best… image source image source The internet also […]

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Meet The Patron Saints of (Bushwick) Cats

Born in Landen, Belgium in 626, St. Gertrude is the official patron saint of cats. In Bushwick, we’ve got the modern equivalent in Chris Glazier and Jeannie Purvis, co-founders of Bushwick Street Cats, – “a not-for-profit group of dedicated cat loving volunteers who help control the population of feral cats through trap-neuter-return (TNR), improving the quality of life for the community (both humans and cats).” The Patron Saints of (Bushwick) Cats I initially met Chris Glazier at a Forms show over a decade ago. When we found Fivey as a feral kitten on the street in […]

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Fiver escapes, fights with fluffy

I’m not sure how he got out. We were loading in some gear from the van, and had the cellar door open, but the sliding door to the storage area was closed off. I think. Fivey could have escaped from the second or third floor, but he would have had to climb down from the roof.  I’ve been letting him explore upstairs. He knows there’s another world up there, and lately he’s been meowing at the top of the basement stairs to go up. I thought the chance of him escaping out […]

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Fiver Gets Breaded

Cat Breading

A little late on this trend (ok, years late) but I just couldn’t help myself. If only the bed was made this video would be perfection! I love my cat and of course I love bread. I can see this becoming a fixation.

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garden update #9 – winter edition


It was pretty nice out a few weeks ago so I decided to take Fiver out for some playtime on the RD. He loves being outdoors, as do I. While Fiver was investigating… everything, I took some snaps… A rainy but warm day. Dried hydrangea – always beautiful Fiver exploring! View large, it’s worth it.    

Fiver says NO to Snow!

Fiver in the Snow

Lucky for Fiver we rescued him from the street life or he wouldn’t be a happy cat today. Fiver rejected the snow! Usually he loves going on the RD but he’s not into the cold, wet weather. He was tempted though…

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Is this normal?

Fiver in the Fridge

Does your cat jump into the fridge, guarding its contents? Is this normal? As a new cat owner I’m learning as I go but this behavior is beyond me. I thought cats regulate their eating, unlike dogs. Fiver loves food, maybe  my habits are imprinting on him? When we found Fiver, he was so thin and hungry, could it be food anxiety?  Thoughts on this matter are welcome, please comment and let me know what you think.  Thx!

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Cute Cat Pic of the Week: Countess


Countess enjoys watching over the going-ons in the kitchen. The fridge is one of her favorite places to hang out. Countess resides in Sunnyside with our writer Clare and her husband Bill.

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cute cat pic of the week


Fiver and I are true kindred spirits– we both love seasonal decorations! Yes, this is happening… submit your cute cat pic to cutecatpic[at] What’s the best way to insure your cute cat will make the cut? Pictures of your kitty in the kitchen, eating or playing with food are preferred!

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