Meet The Patron Saints of (Bushwick) Cats

Born in Landen, Belgium in 626, St. Gertrude is the official patron saint of cats. In Bushwick, we’ve got the modern equivalent in Chris Glazier and Jeannie Purvis, co-founders of Bushwick Street Cats, – “a not-for-profit group of dedicated cat loving volunteers who help control the population of feral cats through trap-neuter-return (TNR), improving the quality of life for the community (both humans and cats).”

Bushwick-Street-Cats-Co-founders-02The Patron Saints of (Bushwick) Cats

I initially met Chris Glazier at a Forms show over a decade ago. When we found Fivey as a feral kitten on the street in Ridgewood, a friend suggested I consult Chris, who he said was involved with rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for feral and unwanted cats.

In talking to Chris, I learned that he and Jeannie began by taking in several street cats, but after a move to Bushwick in 2006, they gained a new perspective on the stray problem. As they continued to take in a few tame cats and kittens and adopt them out, they soon realized it wouldn’t be enough. There were just so many cats who needed help. At the time, the duo didn’t know anything about TNR but eventually met people from The Toby Project and the Humane Society of NY who helped them get started with traps, and appointments with the ASPCA.

“We eventually TNR’d all the cats on our block, so we started helping out with TNR elsewhere in the neighborhood. We figured if we didn’t get out and help these cats, sooner or later they’d end up on our doorstep.”  Chris explained.

Bushwick Street Cats

@thundercatstnr & @bushwickcats getting their 35 cats all set up with the ASPCA to be neutered or spayed!

And the work of Bushwick Street Cats goes beyond TNR. Chis, Jeannie and the group also rescue injured strays, raise funds for their medical care and foster the cats until they’re rehabilitated and ready to be adopted.

One of their recent success stories is Captain America. He was found with a serious nasal blockage and a broken leg. Here’s a Picture of Captain America when Bushwick Streets Cats found him, the photo is graphic. Here is Captain America now!  He is happy and healthy and ready for adoption! This is one example of the hundreds of felines the Patron Saints of (Bushwick) Cats and their flock have saved.


With all the TNR efforts throughout NYC there are still tens of thousands of cats living on the street. That means there are countless kittens being born. Chris recently took in a pregnant feral female, those kittens are also up for adoption. They currently reside at Bushwick Street Cats HQ.

If you’re interested in adopting a kitten or cat please contact Bushwick Street Cats, Inc. for more information. All of Bushwick Street Cats (with rare exception), are fixed, vaccinated, tested for FIV,  Feline Leukemia and microchipped.  With each adoption there is a fee – the cost is minimal. You might also consider a donation to Bushwick Street Cats,  which will go towards the care of abandoned cats, surgeries, nutritional supplies, TNR cages, and other essentials.

Oh, you can also watch a live stream of the Bushwick kittens here!


Chris Glazier – Co-founder of Bushwick Street Cats

Jeannie Purvis, Co-founder of Bushwick Street Cats

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