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The Life Of A Lamp

globe lamp hand painted 1

Like many Italians in the late ’50s, my grandparents moved out of Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy) to “The Island.” Well, not exactly the island. They moved to Bellerose, Queens in 1957. My father was 11 years old. It must have been a big change from playing outside on Nostrand Ave. My grandfather Mickey followed his brothers there – Uncle Dick, Babe, Pasqual, Severne and Aunt Rosie, and Marie. He doesn’t know why the family picked this particular area of Queens. My father tells me that Bellerose at the time was mostly German. […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 1988 or so
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these are a few of my favorite things

Guardian Roasting Pan

I have three favorite cooking pots. I use them often because they’re reliable and versatile. More importantly, these items have sentimental value and when I use them, I think of the people that used them before me and what those people have meant in my life. My sister Maria gave me this sturdy cast iron pan. I remember her shock when I told her I didn’t have one. She thoughtfully remembered and purchased this for me a few years back for Christmas. From quiche to cornbread, I use this pan for so many […]

Signs, Signs everywhere Are Signs. In Ridgewood, Too.

Vintage Ridgewood Signage

Like many designers, I really love typography. And I especially love old typography and signage. These signs are from another time, a different Ridgewood. Joe’s, 66-53 Forest Ave My husband took me on our first date over 11 years ago at the original Joe’s. The inside was decorated with fake flowers and garlic hanging from the ceiling. The table cheese sat in sawed-off plastic Coke bottles and notably, saint statues and gnomes were scattered about. It was a very special first date to say the least! 68-55 Fresh Pond Rd This store […]