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Perfect Pea Soup at The Restaurant

The Famous Split Pea Soup

At The Wave, the art department has a long-standing tradition of ordering split pea soup for breakfast on Thursdays. And it must be from The Restaurant. Our former office was just across the street from the luncheonette, located in the shopping center at 8605 Rockaway Beach Blvd.  Veteran graphic designer Janette Rappo would pick up the soups for everyone, taking the headcount the night before. But I never thought to partake. After all, pea soup for breakfast? While we’re enjoying the new amenities on Beach 129th Street, the designers have […]

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Giacomo’s Escarole Soup

Previously published in The Wave. I was selling some stuff on eBay last week, and in a little slip of the tongue, I asked my husband if the money was “in escarole”, which sent him into a hysterical laughing fit. “I think that might be the Sicilian-est malaprop possible.” he said. In any case, it gave me the idea to share with you an old family recipe for Zuppa di Scarola e Fagioli, or escarole and bean soup. “Uhh, but what’s escarole?” you ask? It’s a leafy green that sort […]

Episode 9: Jumbo-laya


The weather has turned and to be honest, I prefer it. I like to cook and make big meals, which is not what you want to do in the sweltering heat of the summer. Today we are breaking out a hearty recipe from my brother James’ kitchen in Ridgewood, the Jumbo-laya. He is a renowned soup maker with his Jumno-laya as his crown jewel (I made that up, but it makes you want to watch the episode, no?). This is a very large serving, so invite a bunch of people […]

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3 Dishes, 2 Hours, 1 Traditional Southern Italian Meal


I was nervous as we approached the door but in true Italian flare, we were welcomed as family.  Mrs. A explained what Susanne and I would be cooking. “I want to start with something easy, I cook dinner for myself every night, it doesn’t have to take a long time.”  We got straight to work after walking in the door of Mrs. Abbracciamento’s Breezy Point home. Mrs A. is the wife of the late Sal Abbracciamento, acclaimed New York City restaurateur. I was sincerely honored to be invited into her home, to […]

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winter vortex recipes (that will make you happier)


There’s food that you just start craving when the weather is vortexing. I turn to soup, hearty meats, red wine and a touch of whiskey here and there. Possible explanations for these cravings… We are less active and less social in the winter, which could increase anxiety and depression and lead to stress eating and overconsumption. (I’m guilty of all mentioned here) Comfort foods are generally sweet, fatty and calorie-dense, which may help temporarily improve mood and alleviate anxiety or stress. In other words, many people may be self-medicating with […]

Zuppa so easy a baby can make it!

Yum! Escarole and White Bean Soup

Mamma Maria here, guest bloggin about… SOUP. ‘Tis the season after all. This past Sunday I was playing with my son and noticed he was getting a bit bored of the usual. I decided to teach him how to make one of my favorite winter soups – Escarole and White Bean. I figured he’ll have to learn sometime – the earlier the better.  Niko Raphael is only 5 months but as his mother (of course) I feel he is advanced and able to handle this soup lesson – it’s straight […]

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“The Water’s Better in Brooklyn”

My mom, flanked by her two daughters. I used to be lanky.

Post By Fran Honan I was preparing my lentil soup the other day like I do every time it starts to get cold. I grabbed lentils, onions, some cans of chunky tomato sauce, and a big pot to cook it all in. When I went to pour some water from my large sink, a memory came back to me. My own mother didn’t have it so easy when she made lentil soup, or any soup, back when I’d help her as a little girl. My family lived from 1948 to 1959 in a small […]