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I’m pledging #zerowaste


I was working on a menu design in my home office when I heard a truck pull up outside. Being nosey and easily distracted, I peeked out the window. It was a white truck and behind it was a sanitation car. The back gate of the trailer rolled up and two men started unpackaging dozens of brown bins. Finally, our composting starter kits were here!! I grabbed my phone and ran outside, immediately instagramming a picture, tagging @nycsanitation. I’ve been eager to participate in the NYC Organics Program. The purpose […]

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dirty aquarium water – great for plants!


My Friend Ed has an aquarium which is a hobby I’m interested in as well. Perhaps once things settle down with the house I can start one. Ed told me something interesting, when he changes the water in his tank, he saves it and uses it to water his plants! My first thought was… hoarding old, dirty fish water is totally weird and gross but Ed explained that fish excrements in the water act as a natural fertilizer for plants*. Ed has a stellar plant collection (see above), so it all makes sense. Google also concurs: Before you pour […]

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Homemade Pumpkin Filling


What to do with pumpkins once the frost has fallen… make pumpkin bread! Every year I refuse to buy real pumpkins because they usually get funky with all the warm weather. I wait until my very nice neighbor, Kristin, is tossing out all the pumpkins she bought and I recycle them. However, this year I received a gift of three pumpkins and for purposes of this blog, I purchased a small one. You didn’t actually think I was going to peel one of those big ones, did you? First, try […]

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This is the time of year that hydrangeas turn beautiful colors. If you like the look, go out into your garden and clip away this week. When you cut the hydrangeas make sure you cut them long enough for your vase. You can always make them smaller, taller is another thing. Take off all the leaves and place in the vase or basket you want them in permanently. Arrange the flowers and leave them to dry –  about a week to ten days. Enjoy!    

I hate these things

Harmful Plastic

With Matt and his various bands practicing at the studio, it’s not uncommon for me to make a run to the bodega during band practice for more beers. As much as I like (ok love) drinking beer, I can’t stand the plastic rings that hold a sixer together. This plastic (and other plastics) are detrimental to sea turtles, who can get their limbs or other parts caught in the rings and suffer damage. It’s so important that we take the time to snip up plastic rings! When Matt and I visited the […]

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Find Planters in the Garbage

Candelabra Turned Trellis

Somehow Matt and I have accumulated a decent collection of unique planters – most of which we found on garbage night. In the spirit of summer, below are images of our recycled planters. I hope this inspires some to find reusable containers for their own gardens. Matt found these soya bean oil cans on Seneca Ave – in front of a fried chicken joint. I read online that car wax prevents rusting on metals exposed to weather. I’m going to pick some up to prevent the containers from rusting further. […]