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Rest In Peace Obama


I first encountered Obama perched on the rafters of my gutted third-floor attic nine years ago. He looked me over for a minute before leaping onto another beam and disappearing. My new house was his house apparently, except he didn’t have to pay the mortgage. Rumor on 91st is, that he was abandoned at one year old by a tenant who moved out, forcing him to fend for himself on the streets.  He had a rough start, but found his place as the official “watchdog” of 91st Street, patrolling the […]

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  My cat Johny unexpectedly passed away last week. The whole ordeal has been quite traumatic for me. I heard a scuffle in the middle of the night. He was limp in the legs, yowling and breathing heavily. I knew immediately this was an emergency. I got him in a carrier, found my keys, and headed to VERG Animal Hospital at four something in the morning. I was f*!king frantic. I was exhausted, yet fired with adrenaline. I was driving dangerously through red lights. I pulled up and just left my car […]

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Carrots Of Many Colors At The Beach 92nd St. Community Fridge


“Carrots struck again at the free fridge.,” read a text from my friend Mike B. Every so often a very large, beautiful bag of multi-colored carrots are donated to the community fridge at 166 Beach 92nd St. The carrot drop is a mystery to many and we’d love to know who the generous carrot-donator is? Please come forward! I took some purple carrots. I decided to make a creamy carrot soup with fresh herbs and garlic. Soup calls to us during the cold winter months. Carrots of many colors have […]



Living in Rockaway means sharing our space with our feline friends. I didn’t make a conscious decision to get involved with cat rescue and fostering, It happened out of necessity. It all started with a tuxedo cat named Obama. Rumor on the block has it  that people moved out across the street about 4 years ago and left him behind. He made himself at home when our house was under renovation. We were residing, so there were plenty of openings for him to get inside. He’s a good cat and […]

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Four weeks ago my neighbor found kittens on his job site. I was shocked to see how young they were. Without much thought, I offered to care for them. The first day we lost the weaker of the two. It was devastating. That same day, I was involved with a rescue of an injured female cat in the Beach 91st Street Community Garden. My neighbor Todd and I found the young cat and brought her to Rockaway Beach Veterinary Services (92-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd). The cat, Lil Smoke, had severe […]

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grams of the week – april 25


Here’s a recap of the best instagrams of last week. If you want the day to day follow me here! Last Thursday I was cleaning out the backyard. We have a bunch of scrap wood and concrete bits that need to go. Obama was so adorable just hanging out with me in this planter. He’s a good cat! I like to drive fast Italian cars when I’m on Lawng Island #Maserati This week I noticed many daffodils have bloomed in Rockaway. There seems to be many more this year than last. So beautiful!

Obama the Cat, Not the President

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I’ve been reading Rockawayist column “Dogs of Rockaway” and I love it – great idea! But then I got thinkin… what about the cats? I know so many cool cats in Rockaway and feel they should be known to all. So here goes… Many of you have seen me post pictures of Obama on Instagram but I’ve never formally introduced him. Obama the cat is named after Obama the President because he is also black and white. I can’t take creds for the witty name – my former neighbor Naureen came up with it. Obama started […]

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