Orange Oasis Bird Feeder

Can you hear the chirps? Can you smell the hint of spring? I can. The earth is stirring from its slumber.

Springtime in Rockaway and Jamaica Bay becomes a bustling hub for migrating birds, as these many species embark on their long journeys northward. Our coastal home offers a vital stopover point for birds traveling along the Atlantic Flyway, providing abundant food sources and habitats for resting and refueling. Birdwatchers flock to Rockaway to witness the spectacle of thousands of birds in transit, including the American oystercatcher, piping plover, and various species of terns and gulls. We are lucky to witness these beautiful birds foraging activities along our shorelines.

Orange Oasis Bird Feeder

This activity is an excellent way to engage with your children while offering valuable learning opportunities about birds, recycling, and composting.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll also be spotting smaller “backyard” friends such as songbirds like warblers, sparrows, finches and flycatchers, thrushes, even orioles! In my last column I suggested making a cute bagel bird feeder. Birds also enjoy snacking on berries and fruits, including oranges! This has sparked another idea for a feeder…

Orange Oasis Feeder

(Makes 2 bird feeders)

  • 1 orange (any size works and a variety of sizes in one tree looks beautiful)
  • Twine
  • Bird seed (choose a mix specific for the types of birds you’d like to attract
  • Knife and scissor
  • Toothpick

Noe: Experiment with an avocado or other organic foods that have a sturdy vessel!

Directions: Cut the orange in half and carefully remove the pulp while keeping the rind intact. Cut the twine to your desired length. Use the toothpick to create a hole a quarter inch from the cut edge. Thread the twine through the hole using the toothpick. Loop or tie the string to secure it. Repeat this process three more times, ensuring equal spacing around the edge of the oranges.

Next… find a tree! Secure your feeder to a branch. Then, using a scooper, fill the orange cavity with bird feed and watch as the birds flock to the orange oasis you’ve created.

Orange Oasis Bird Feeder 2

Not only beautiful and bright, this is an all-natural compostable bird feeder.

Near your feeder consider offering fresh water sources, such as a bird bath or shallow dish. This will help replenish birds’ energy reserves during their long journeys. By creating bird-friendly environments and practicing responsible bird feeding habits (no people food!) you will contribute to the conservation efforts aimed at supporting migratory bird populations and have fun doing so!

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